How to stay productive & organised

24th March 2020

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I am sure you have heard the phrase work smarter not harder. By using a few tips and tricks, you can be more organised and stay productive which will help you to get more done every day. 

No one wants to work harder than they have to. However, many people understand being productive and working as fast as they can are the same thing. So, with this article, I want to share the best ways to stay productive and get organised so that you can get things done in the most productive way. 

How to stay productive & organised

How to stay productive & organised

Clear the Clutter

Most people lose an hour a day just looking for things. People who get more things done each day are people who do not have to constantly lose things. Being able to put your hands on things simply saves you time and that helps you to get more done each day. When you have your workspace organised, it also helps to organise things in your mind. 

Spend 10 minutes each night before the end of your day to straighten up. This keeps the clutter from piling up. 

Don’t Do Things Twice

People who get things done do not keep doing the same things over and over again. Don’t check the emails and then save them to do something with later. Check your email when you are ready to deal with emails. Check voice mails when you are ready to return calls. When you check the emails and then come back later to check the emails and answer them, you are wasting time. Just because you are busy doesn’t mean you are being productive. 

This also means, don’t constantly check emails as they come in. This takes extra time. Set a time to answer emails and get back to people.

Make a To-Do List

There is a reason that to-do lists are part of a tried and true method of being organised. Having a to-do list doesn’t mean you have to have one of those old fashion leather-bound planners. The important thing is to have a single to-do list. When everything is together in 1 list, you know exactly where to look when you are planning what needs to be done that day. It helps you to remember what needs to be done and not waste time trying to remember what you forgot to do.  

Each night before turning in for the day, check the to-do list for the next day before you go to bed. This will keep all of the important things in the front of your mind and lets you know what to expect the next day. This helps you to know if you need certain clothes, if you need to pack snacks to take with you or if you need to be somewhere earlier than normal. 

How to stay productive & organised

Maintain Your Blood Sugar

You may feel like you are too busy to grab lunch so you grab something like a doughnut or chips. The problem with not eating an actual meal is that after a short time, your blood sugar will crash again. This is going to leave you with brain fog and an inability to focus. If you can’t focus, you can’t get things done. Make sure to eat a healthy lunch to give you the brainpower and energy to get through everything on the to-do list. 

Eating a Frog

Productive people make sure they eat the frog first thing in the day. This means, instead of procrastinating the things that they don’t want to do, the most dreaded things on the to-do list, they get them done first thing in the morning. This way, after the worst of the things, are done, you can get back to the things that make you happy. 

Finish Your Projects

Sometimes you can’t help that things don’t get done when you are working on them, but there are some things that can be finished. If you get called away from a project, come back on the same day and complete the project whenever possible. 

Stay organised!

By staying organised will help you get more done in a day and get rid of the behind the ball feeling. This will create a more productive experience and help you get everything done on your to-do list. 

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