How to motivate yourself in times of failure

18th January 2021

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Failure is an inevitable truth in the path of life. Everyone who has tasted success has also faced one or many failures in their journey. It might have brought pain, humiliation or thought of losing all efforts at once, but those who have learnt from failures have mastered life.

Remember seeing that small kid who starts learning a cycle keeps falling many a time before he finally masters it. Even after getting hurt numerous times, a kid never gives up on failure and stands up every time to learn from it. Setbacks and failures are learning opportunities. Every failure that comes in your way makes you learn 100s of new things which you have not found anyway else. But how do keep going and feel motivated during such times?

Ways to motivate yourself in times of failure

how to motivate yourself in times of failure

Here are 6 reminders that will help you to keep yourself motivated even in times of failure:

  1.  A person who makes mistakes is the one who has learned the most. Remember a life learned through failure is a lot better than a life not lived at all.
  1. While heading towards your motive in life, you cannot ignore the speed breakers and failures that come in your path. But through them, you can learn to pace your speed, modify your strategy and create a new path towards success.
  1. Everything in life – be it good or bad comes in with a motive. Now it is up to us how we turn that motive into an advantage. With failure, that most significant advantage that we can turn out is “learning”. At the times of your failure, you have an opportunity to look back on your strategies and learn not to repeat them.
  1. While you have failed into something the best to get out is thinking of what to do next. Being dwelled into the mistake, staying miserable and not getting up to try again is a sign of a coward. Making strategies and planning out new ways after you fail helps you move forward and not instead of getting stuck into the state of failure.
  1. While you fail in front of the world, it feels like everyone is planning to conspire against you as you keep thinking that you are the only one who has seen setbacks. However, remember that failure is not just limited to you and every successful individual who is at the top had their bunch of failures at the time they tried. And if they can succeed through their failure then you can too.
  1. At times when we fail, we stop visualising our goals the same way as we had at the beginning. However, the sheer motivation that helps us going on is remembering how hard we dreamt of and needed what we are trying for.

Close your eyes, imagine how your success will look like, make a positive mindset and continue on the journey towards your success.

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