Great Ideas for Small Kitchens

22nd August 2017

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The big issue with small kitchens is a lack of moving space and storage. With these tricks, you can combine more storage into smaller areas leaving more space to move around in.

When you are rushing around with pots and pans and ingredients getting ready for a meal, the worst thing is not having the space to move around. Yeah, the concept will be lost on those who don’t often find themselves cooking. Fret not, though. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make the most of the little space you have in your small kitchen.

Great ideas for your small kitchen

Great ideas for your small kitchen

Mirrors or other bling

Cleaning greasy residue off of surfaces is a nightmare but if you have a kitchen with mirrors or other reflective surfaces such as polished stainless steel, you don’t just give a feeling of space to the space, you have an easier job of removing grime. You can scrub harder as there is no fear of removing paint. Just be sure to not scrub so hard that you end up scratching your shiny surfaces. Although this option doesn’t actually lend more space, it does give that impression.

Wall area

Cupboards do not have to be only horizontal. If you do that you will soon run out of floor space. Make use of every inch of your kitchen wall by adding vertical cupboards from the floor to the roof. This way you will have tons of storage so you know everything has a specific place. Once you start a meal you know exactly where to find a needed item or utensil. Shelves can be used to display kitchen ornaments or spice bottles.

Functional ornamentals

Another way in which you can use wall space is by hanging pots and pans like you would pieces of art. This is particularly great if you have an interesting or beautiful set of pots. You could also hang utensils from the roof or from the bottom of a cupboard. Not only have you just created more storage space, but you have also decorated your kitchen and everything is at hand all the time.

Great ideas for your small kitchen

The kitchen island

A kitchen is a place where people hang out while food is being prepared. You could gather friends around a kitchen island in your small kitchen but make it multifunctional by building cupboards into it. You will have a space where friends hang out, where they can enjoy the meal later and extra storage.

Great ideas for your small kitchen

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