Beautiful Range Hoods For Any Kitchen

3rd November 2017

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The range hood is perhaps the most important appliance in the kitchen … well, along with the stove, refrigerator, microwave, coffeemaker, and any other piece of equipment you can’t live without. But, if you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen, you really should give it more thought than you would a microwave or coffeemaker.

The fact is that most of us don’t give the range hoods too much consideration. Yet, it’s the range hood that helps keep our homes healthy. Its purpose is to draw up all of the smoke, grease, fumes, and odours that are produced every single time we cook. But, just because it’s vital to maintaining clean indoor air doesn’t mean it can’t also be beautiful. Range hoods can be both functional and artful. Take your time finding the look that works best for your kitchen.

Beautiful Range Hoods For Any Kitchen

Beautiful Range Hoods For Any Kitchen


Copper range hoods are definitely rare. But, they are absolutely stunning. Like all metal range hoods, copper is durable, easy to maintain, and even anti-bacterial. Why not install a range hood that functions as it’s supposed to and acts as an eye-catching focal point?

Want to make a completely unique statement? Go for iron. Customise an iron range hood with filigree accents, rivets, or a distressed look.

The stainless steel look isn’t going anywhere fast. This is a metal that’s proven itself to be functional and beautiful all at once. Like any of the other metal range hoods – copper or iron, stainless steel offers a style that works with any kitchen décor – traditional or modern.

Beautiful Range Hoods For Any Kitchen

Wood and Stucco

A range hood made from wood? You might think that would be a fire hazard. Well, you’d be right. The trick here is that the actual range hood is made from aluminum. The cover is made from wood. Sometimes excessive dust can accumulate on metal range hoods because of the heat that’s generated. With an added cover and an air pocket in between, dust is minimal. So, the range hood will look fabulous and clean!

Here’s another one you might not have ever come across: Stucco. Like the wood range hood above, the stucco is a covering that fits over an aluminum range hood. Stucco would look fabulous in a home designed with Mexican influences.

Beautiful Range Hoods For Any Kitchen

Place Matters

Modern range hoods are designed to fit any kitchen of any size and design. Small kitchens that need to maximize storage can benefit from under-the-counter range hoods. These fit right above the stove and right below a set of cupboards.

Chimney-style range hoods are installed against the wall but without any cupboards above. The chimney is there to cover the ductwork that would be exposed and visible. It rises up from the range hood to the ductwork in the ceiling.

Island range hoods hang suspended from the ceiling and are positioned directly over a cooktop installed in an island. They make cooking and entertaining very easy because you’ll never have to stand with your back to your friends and family.

Which style of range hood would you like best in your kitchen?

Beautiful Range Hoods For Any Kitchen

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