How to Spring clean your bathroom

8th June 2019

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The bathroom is one room in your home that may need a spring cleaning more than once a year. When you think of spring cleaning you think not only about scrubbing the walls until they sparkle but clearing out the clutter that can accumulate.

Do you really need all those lotions and potions?

In a bathroom, this means going through all the bottles of personal care items that can seem to multiply. Beauty aids are like rabbits; they seem to multiply when you are not paying attention. You may be surprised at just how many different bottles of shampoo have taken over your shower stall. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to take back your bathroom!

Since your goal is to clean the bathroom really well, the first place to start is to go through that collection of beauty aids that seem to be overtaking your shower or tub area. Once you throw out the empties you can get down to cleaning. The next step is to remove the bathroom rugs and throw them in the washing machine. If you have curtains in your bathroom, take them down also.

Gather your cleaning supplies and get ready to spring clean the bathroom!

Use a disinfecting cleaning that cuts soap scum to make cleaning easier. Start with the area farthest from the door and work towards the doorway. Ceiling to floor, scrub every inch of the bathroom. There are so many good products out there today; choose one that you have experience with. An all-purpose bathroom cleaner is fine for quick cleaning but for spring cleaning your bathroom you should ideally have something heavy-duty for deep cleaning.

Doing a good, thorough job cleaning the bathroom means getting down on your hands and knees. Bathrooms are often have many tight spaces and these are the spaces that often get neglected during a weekly cleaning. Using a sponge with a bucket of rinsing water is the ideal way to get into those tight spaces and get them clean.

Once you have worked your way to the door, take a glance around to make sure that you haven’t missed anything. Now that you have cleaned it all, it is time to put everything back in its’ place.

A place for everything and everything in its’ place

You may choose at this time to add a bath organiser so that you will have better storage of the beauty aids that you do regularly use. You have eliminated the clutter but if you get your bathroom in order you may find that you can reduce the waste that often happens with having too many beauty aids hanging around.

The one thing that can often happen when you spring clean your bathroom is that you may decide that it needs a makeover. Spring cleaning your bathroom can turn into a weekend project if you are not careful. Once you re-grout the tile you may decide to re-paint the walls or perhaps update your vanity!

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