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Hygge Living: How To Get Your Home Feeling Cosy This Winter

24th November 2022

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Have you heard of the term hygge? This comes from the Danish who are reportedly the happiest people on this earth. They put this happiness down to a way of life and a lifestyle that they lead, practising and encouraging hygge. Hygge is the art of cosy living, in simple terms. It is ensuring that you live with the intention of feeling happy and fulfilled. However, your home can play a major part in it. After all, there is only so much you can do in regard to how you feel and act. 

Winter is the ideal time to practice Hygge. We tend to want to hibernate at home more often, spend time with our loved ones, and enjoy our comfortable surroundings. Making your home focus and looking at your environment can have a serious impact on how you feel. So I wanted to share with you some of the ways you can get your home in the hygge spirit. 

How To Get Your Home Feeling Hygge cosy This Winter

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Think about how you heat your home

One of the first things to consider is how you heat your home. We often associate feeling cosy with warmth, so this is a great area to focus on if you are wanting to create a hygge living space. Most popular are things like installing wood-burning stoves, but you may also want to consider using this as an opportunity to instal a different type of heating system. However, with the ever-growing focus on the environment, you could also consider adding things like solar panels if you are hoping to save on your energy bills. 

Get all of the soft furnishings available

Once you have your heating sorted in your home, now it’s time to think of some of the actionable elements of hygge. We often associate this sort of living with cushions and blankets, and all of the soft furnishings. So as winter is here now would be a fabulous time to ensure that you really invest in how you style your living space with soft furnishings. Plus, any excuse to sit all cosy with a blanket and your favourite warm drink. This brings me nicely to my next point. 

Think about the atmosphere you create

Hygge is finally all to do with the atmosphere you create. Firstly, focus on the smell. This is where scented candles come into their own at this time of year and with all the festive scents to choose from, you are genuinely spoiled for choice. Candlelight can also bring the right level of mood and atmosphere to your home.

With the nights getting darker, it is now easier than ever to create a warm and inviting area in your home. A great idea is to switch to energy-saving bulbs in your home or look for a warmer glow rather than a bright white colour in your lamps and light fittings. This will help set the tone for your home and lighting can play a huge part. 

Hygge Living: How To Get Your Home Feeling Cosy This Winter - wood house table leaf

What about what you eat? 

You can also think about the type of things you cook for when you settle down for a meal, soups and casseroles are always favoured but anything you could class as comfort food will always be a winner. When it comes to the drinks you serve things such as warming hot chocolate or even mulled wine can help to add to the final atmosphere you are trying to create within your home.

Food and drink play a vital part in how we feel. We often associate comfort with eating, and this can be healthy with hearty casseroles and warming soups as well as indulgent with hot chocolates and mulled wine or cider. Even sitting cosy with a biscuit and warm cup of tea is an instant way to feel Hygge. Give it a try and see for yourself. 

Be mindful of what you consume

Often nights in mean that we sit in front of the TV and watch films or boxsets, so make sure you are mindful about what you are watching. Think about things that will have you engaged with what you are viewing. It will leave you feeling uplifted and fulfilled. Much of what we see can impact our mental state and mindset. A quick look online will help you find some inspiration for what you can watch. 

I hope that some of these hygge ideas and suggestions help you to achieve that cosiness within your home. Enabling you to fully embrace the hygge method. Pinterest is full of inspiration for other suggestions if you would like to embrace it further.