10 Great reasons to get rid of clutter

9th February 2021

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Most would agree that getting rid of clutter is a good idea… but the question is why? Are there real benefits to cleaning up?

There are thousands of articles on how to get rid of clutter, but hardly any bother to highlight the reasons why it’s worth the effort. The following are ten great reasons to get rid of clutter, taking the time to clear up and cleanout.

Helps Others

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Cleaning out the house can bring lots of items that can be donated to the surface.

Can Make Some Extra Cash

When items are cleared away and sorted, there may be many items that are in good condition that can be sold. The next step is to have a garage sale or post the items up on eBay or Amazon and watch the cash roll in.

Reveal Items to be Recycled

Magazines and newspapers, old cell phones, and even children’s toys can all be recycled. The trick is to group like items then start calling around to find the various collection points.

Make Room for Other Things

Getting rid of stuff can make room for items that will actually get used. Instead of harboring old videotapes, move them out to make way for DVDs. Try not to fall into the trap of subconsciously trying to fill the space back up, though.

Saves Time in the Long Run

The general rule is, the more things in a room, the longer it takes to find something that is missing. It follows then that getting rid of clutter will decrease the time necessary to locate anything that temporarily goes into hiding.

get rid of clutter

Be Happy with Less

Clutter breeds an attitude of excess. Simply getting rid of extra items from lying around the house can bring an appreciation for the things that are left behind.

Boosts the Energy in a Room

Ever notice that a house literally feels lighter after a good spring cleaning? That’s because of the energy boost that comes from having a more free-flowing space. When a room is uncluttered, it can drain the vibe of the space and make it uninviting. Cleaning up can actually have a physical effect.

Help to Let Go of Old Feelings

Sometimes feelings are attached to material objects because of where or who they came from. When it’s time for a change, de-cluttering can be just the solution to clear the space and the mind.

Increase Savings

It costs money to store, accessorise, and, even in some cases, maintain items that simply contribute to clutter. If it’s not being used, get rid of it and save the money instead. It’s also possible to arrange a DVD or book swap with friends and save in other creative ways.

Enjoy the Benefits of Having Extra Space

De-cluttering simply creates a general feeling of well-being. An ordered space tends to feel more purposeful. When there is room to spread out, feelings of chaos disappear and make way for peaceful relaxation.

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