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The benefits of art therapy

6th June 2022

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Art therapy is based on the premise that a person’s creativity can help them to express their emotions and deal with them accordingly. Trained art therapists provide the tools and supplies to allow a person to express themselves in whatever type of art form they desire. Painting, sculpting, drawing or a variety of other mediums can be used.

What is art therapy?

It is believed that if a person can visualise their illness or fear, and create something that represents that specific issue, it may be easier for them to cope with it. Within their creativity, they apply their perspective and reaction to the problem. They can then visualise and create possible solutions and outcomes.

The benefits of art therapy - person holding a black pen on white paper

How can art therapy help?

The thought is that creating art through painting, drawing or other mediums can help a person confront their feelings as well as an illness. With the creative process, the healing begins from within. A person can explore or release at their own pace.

A sense of fulfilment

Creating a piece of artwork based on experiences in a person’s life can be very fulfilling. It gives the artist a sense of accomplishment that other conventional forms of treatment may not. It is a lasting reminder of the trauma, injury or illness that was experienced and overcome.

Reduces stress and anxiety

Many individuals feel that creativity reduces stress and anxiety. Delving into a drawing or other artistic project diverts a person’s attention from stressful events. It allows them to focus on something other than their problems for a short period of time. 

traumatic incidents or events

In some cases, art therapy can help adults come to grips with traumatic incidents or events in their lives. Rape victims or people who have suffered at the hands of another can use art therapy to come to grips with the situation and possibly let go of the negative aspects. Certain types of art therapy can be used to reduce aggression and help a person deal with fears and phobias.

The benefits of art therapy - crop elderly patient with crayons

Experiencing traumatic illness or injury

Art therapy is especially good for children and adolescents who are experiencing traumatic illness or injury. According to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, children who are undergoing debilitating illnesses can draw or create images to express themselves much better than trying to put their feelings into words. 

An outlet for frustration

Creativity gives them an outlet that releases the frustration about their illness, in addition to connecting to their peers who are also going through similar experiences. Creating art in various forms allows them to express their feelings and their emotions. It also gives them so control over how they interact with those around them. 

In a hospital setting where many teens and children are in close proximity to each other, art can bring children together. Kids can interact with one another on a healing level. 

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