Why Gardening is Good for Your Health and Soul

16th April 2020

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If you love to garden, you probably already know why gardening is good for your health and soul. If you are new to gardening or have never tried it before, there are many different studies out there that show just how gardening can be beneficial to both your physical health and to your mental health.

You don’t have to have a large garden or a large space to grow your plants and vegetables, even gardening in a small space or growing plants and vegetables in pots on the back porch can be beneficial. 

Gardening Reduces Stress

Stress is everywhere these days and sometimes there is no getting around it. When you are gardening you are getting more in touch with nature while you are outdoors. Being in the outdoors can help take your mind off the stress from work and daily life

When you are gardening, you are also slowing down, and you don’t have to be in such a rush. This can help bring your stress level down tremendously because you don’t have to worry about finishing in a hurry. 

Why Gardening is Good for Your Health and Soul

Gardening Can Improve Your Mood

It has been proven that just being outside and enjoying the sunlight can boost your mood. In the cold winter months where there is less sunlight or you are being cooped up inside because it is too cold, getting that fresh warm air can lift your spirits and put you into a better mood.

Gardening Can Give You a Feeling of Accomplishment

There is nothing better than seeing those beautiful flowers or colourful fruits and veggies and knowing that you made those. Well, you didn’t actually make them, but you did keep them healthy and grew them from just a little seedling or tiny starter plant. That is a feeling of accomplishment that you won’t forget and will want to continue experiencing. 

While we may have some plants that don’t make it or that don’t produce, don’t let that be a let-down, just use that as a motivation to do it again and learn from it. It is bound to happen and even the more experienced gardeners have had to learn and become better at something.

Why Gardening is Good for Your Health and Soul

Gardening Burns Calories

You may not even realize it, but as you are tending to your garden, planting and harvesting, you are burning calories. You are even burning calories when you water the garden because you are moving around.

Gardening Creates Beauty Around You

When you are gardening and planting flowers you are creating beauty around you. The various colours of the flowers will brighten up any living or outdoor space and you can arrange them how you want to create a space you are proud of. While you are outside, your mood and spirits are lifted as you enjoy the view of what has been created. 

These are just a few of the reasons why gardening is good for your health and soul. You may not even notice a few of these, like the calorie-burning, but having the beauty around as well as the feeling of knowing that you nurtured those plants to their full potential is such a great feeling.

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