6 Easy Ways to Practice Self Care at Home

24th April 2020

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It goes without saying that our daily 9 to 5 and social life takes a lot out of us. Sometimes, so much so that we’ve almost forgotten that we live lives of our own. In these times, staying at home poses a perfect opportunity to practise self-care and give yourself the ‘me’ time that you’ve always deserved.

Here are 6 easy ways to practise self care at home to help you get started:

Get Your Sleep Sorted

The urge to stay up late watching movies, playing video games or just enjoy can feel very enticing. While you should enjoy all of these activities, you can do so without sacrificing on your sleep and getting a good night’s rest. Don’t have caffeine, sugar or alcohol before bed as it can actually keep you awake. Keeping your bedroom free of distractions such as TV and phones are a huge plus too. 

6 Easy Ways to Practice Self Care at Home


Now that your body has gotten a good night’s sleep, you end up feeling energetic in the morning. A good practice to follow is to have a light snack and exercise. There are tons of at-home exercise routines out there which can get you a good workout within 30-60 minutes. If you don’t feel like going too hard on your body just yet, a yoga session is a great alternative.


Computer files randomly saved anywhere? Digital calendars with digital dust on them? Drawers with a labyrinth of wires in them? Now’s the perfect time to get organised. Numerous studies have shown that living in an organized workplace boosts productivity by a significant amount. The fact that you know where something is where you need it should already save you a lot of time, anyway.

Take a Bath

After what feels like an eternity of struggle, you definitely deserve a long, warm bath. Put on some music, have your favourite magazine handy, and add some essential oils to the water to score some health benefits while relaxing!

6 Easy Ways to Practice Self Care at Home

Gratitude List

Living in a practical world has also made us more cynical than we might have realised. We not only observe everything with an extremely critical view, but we’ve also lost sight of so much that life has given us. A gratitude journal can help with just that, where you write what you are grateful for every day in your life to have a fresh positive feeling about yourself and your life.


Sitting in one place, focusing on one thing, breathing in and out deeply might be more difficult than one may realise. Due to hunting for instant gratification, our focus levels have plummeted, and our minds constantly wander from one thought to next even when trying to complete simple tasks. Meditation brings you back into a focused state of mind, and will slowly and surely start to heal you in ways you never thought before!

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