Ways A Garden Can Boost Your Mood

27th May 2019

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It is a known fact that a greater part of one’s performance is generally affected by his mood. This article is aimed at giving you some working steps that your garden can assist you with boosting your mood.

Sweet aroma from your garden

It is widely known that smell influences mood. In other words, good smell results in a good mood while bad smell results in a bad mood. The sweet smell that comes from flowers in your garden acts as a relaxation therapy that helps relax your brain and calms your bad mood. So, whenever you are in a bad mood, all you have to do is walk into your garden, pick some flowers and inhale the sweet smell to relax your brain and calm your bad mood.


Just as smell, what we see also play a vital role in affecting our mood either positively or negatively. In other words, what you see can either put you in a good mood or in a bad mood. Colours have also been used to represent different feelings especially love and peace. Garden provides captivating sights with a mix of brightly coloured flowers and green plants. So, one sure way to calm your bad mood and put yourself in a good mood is to walk into your garden, take a seat with probably a glass of water and entertain your eyes with the sight wonderfully coloured flowers and green plants nature has to offer. Cap it up with a quiet sound from your radio and see your mood change for better like magic.


Rest has been used as an effective working therapy to effectively manage symptoms of anger, depression and anxiety. The spot where you choose to rest also determine the kind of result you will get. Resting in a crowded non-ventilated area will rather increase your symptoms rather than calming it. Your garden provides you with a well-ventilated resting spot with enough oxygen to help relax your brain and put you in a very good mood.

So, when next you are in a not too good mood and you are looking for a natural therapy to help relax your mind, just remember that your garden is an effective relation spot to calm your anger, depression and/or anxiety, providing you with the right sight, smell, and air to put you in the right frame of mind.

Photo Credit: Aaron Burden Christopher Campbell

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