5 Actionable Steps to Reduce Stress and Feel Happier

4th April 2019

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Stress is a part of everyday life for most adults. The world we live in causes us to have to work extra hours, tend to other people’s needs and forget that life is most beautiful when you pause to smell the flowers. While you may not want to pause to smell the flowers, or can’t due to a cooler season in your area right now, you can use these 5 actionable steps to reduce stress and feel happier today!

Reduce Stress and Feel Happier

Get up and Dance

While I already mentioned a physical activity, I didn’t discuss dancing to music. Get some music on and blast it while you dance around and get moving. The simple act of listening to your favourite genre of music, even if you opt out on the dancing option, will help reduce stress and make you feel happier within just minutes.

Get Physical

Now you don’t have to start being some fitness addict, but you do need to get up and get moving. Stress is often reduced with the simple act of a 20-minute brisk walk. You can do this in a standstill position in your home while watching your favourite show or hit the pavement to take a walk outdoors. Doing some form of physical activity will immediately help reduce stress and trigger you to feel happier.

Go buy a Houseplant

It’s true, houseplants have been proven to help people reduce stress and feel happier. Even talking to this houseplant on a regular basis isn’t considered bizarre. Many people have found calm in their ability to have houseplants around the home. It also helps with oxygen and gives you something to care for that won’t talk back.

Fake a Smile

I’m sure you don’t feel much like smiling now that you’re super stressed out and feeling sad, but you should try to fake a smile. The simple act of forcing yourself to smile will trick your mind into thinking that you’re happier and in turn, you’ll start to feel slightly uplifted, thus reducing your stress levels and helping others around you smile more.

Eat some Potassium

Potassium is known to reduce blood pressure, which can be quite high when you’re stressed out. Consider snacking on a banana, avocado or other potassium-rich food. While food can’t completely reduce stress, eating these potassium-rich food options can help you feel calmer as it works to reduce your blood pressure.

There you have it, five actionable steps to reduce stress and feel happier. Each of these tips will help you to live a less stressful life and feel happier more often. I hope that you’ll take my advice into consideration so that you don’t live stressed out forever.

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