Journal prompts that you can use at the end of the day

What Journal prompts can you use at the end of the day?

17th July 2022

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Are you looking for some of the best journal prompts that you could try at the end of the day? Take a look at the suggestions below.

Journaling at the end of the day can be a really great way to end your day on a high. As you head to bed and try and relax to fall asleep, we all know that this is often a prime time for our minds to go into overdrive. You start thinking about things that have happened during the day, what you might need to do tomorrow, and even things that are completely out of your control. Sound familiar?

Journaling can be a great way to calm the mind and help you to refocus your thoughts before bed. Helping you to have a more relaxed sleep. However, journal prompts can be a great way for you to focus those thoughts in a productive way. So here are some of the best journal prompts that you could try at the end of the day. 

Reflective journal prompts

Journal prompts that you can use at the end of the day

What one word could describe your day and why

Sometimes there is just one word that sums up your day, so write it down and journal why that one word resonates with you. Try and actively keep positive if you can in terms of the wording, as you want this to be a positive exercise not negative. But if there isn’t much to be positive use this as a cathartic activity to try and feel better about any situations that you have faced. 

What emotions did I feel today and why

It is important to stay in tune with our emotions, and journaling about how we feel can often be a great way to acknowledge them. Make a note of the emotions and write down the reasons you felt that way. It might be you felt happiness or joy over something, perhaps sadness or feelings of worry or anxiety. It could be stress or overwhelm. Whatever your emotions were today note them day and think about why you felt that way. It could even highlight a way for you to think more clever about situations in the future. 

What made you proud today?

Another great way to end the day in a positive way is to journal about a moment that made you proud. Did you do something today to be proud of? The truth is this could be anything, these are your achievements. So if you managed to get some jobs done at home, or achieve something at work, note it down. Even if it just means you got the kids to school on time. The smallest of achievements still should be celebrated. 

What one thing did you achieve today?

If you are struggling to find a proud moment, instead focus on one thing that you achieved. This is another great way to end the day in a positive way. Focusing on your achievements can help you to see the good in your day. 

Three things I am grateful for today are 

A very common thing to write about in a journal is to share some of the things that you feel grateful for. Practising gratitude can help you to feel more positive generally. It can feel hard at first, but you will soon notice those gratitude moments. 

Journal prompts that you can use at the end of the day - person sitting on wooden chair

What would I like to achieve tomorrow?

If you have a hard time cleaning your mind at the end of the day, then writing down some of the things you want to achieve tomorrow can be a bit like a mental download. A chance to make a few notes so that in your mind, you have given those thoughts time to breathe. 

Is there anything I would do differently today and why

One thing people struggle with is thinking they would have done something differently, so if you can, journal about it. It will give you a sense of closure on a situation and enable you to think about things for the future. Perhaps helping you to make better choices. 

Challenges I have coming up this week and what I can do to help myself

We all have busy weeks or challenges that we have to face, so instead of worrying about them before you go to sleep journal about them and make a few notes as to how you might be able to help yourself. It could really help you to see things much clearer. 

Today I have learned 

Finally, it is always a good note to finish the day journaling about things you might have learned. It might be something that you have learned about yourself, or how you handle a situation, maybe even something specific that you know will help you in the future. It is always a great way to look back and take stock of things. 

Hopefully, these journal prompts will help you at the end of the day.