Feeling Stressed? 5 Ways You Can Ditch That Feeling For Good

Feeling Stressed? 5 Ways You Can Ditch That Feeling For Good

4th October 2021

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Nobody likes feeling stressed. It can make you frustrated, angry, and worried, all of which at the same time. So if you are interested in ditching those unpleasant feelings, there are five ways to do it. 

Stress! We can all feel it a little from time to time. There may be many reasons why you feel stressed right now. It could be a big world deadline that is getting to you or even increased responsibility in the workplace. It might be your family or your children causing you to have sleepless nights with worry or wondering how you can help them. Stress can often be seen as a part of our lives, but how we handle it can be a big test. 

5 Ways to ditch feeling stressed

While you will never get rid of situations that are likely to cause you to stress, after all, life is unpredictable; you can have a bank of tools to help you ditch the feeling as soon as it graces you with its presence.

Focusing on your mindset 

One of the first things you can do would be to focus on your mindset. When you feel stressed, your mind and thoughts are likely to be more negative than you would like. It would be a good idea to take some to refocus your thoughts and actions be more positive. A great way to do this would be to focus on gratitude. Look and remind yourself of the things that you feel grateful for. It can help you feel more in tune with the good things in your life. You could also try meditation. People find this hard at first, so using guided meditations you can find on smartphone apps can be helpful to you. 

Feeling stressed? try yoga


Many of us know the benefits of exercise to help you feel good and even get into shape, but it can also help you feel stressed. You may not feel like it, so start with just a walk when you feel stressed. The fresh air and gentle exercise could make all of the difference. Many people recommend running as a way to relieve stress. The endorphins pumping around your body help you to feel good, and the exercise clears your head.

You could also look at doing workouts at home or even exercise like yoga. Yoga encourages you to focus on your breathing as well, so it can be a great solution to relieve the feelings of stress. If you start to notice yourself getting stressed, putting on the workout gear can be a quick and easy solution. 

Write it down 

Stress can be giving your feelings of worry and anxiety, and often the reason you are stressed is that you are worried about something. So take some time to write things down. Journaling or just having a notebook that you can release your inner thoughts to alleviate the feelings of stress. The act of writing it down takes it theoretically out of your mind and onto the paper, and in some cases, it can help you to see a little clearer what the situation is and how you can overcome it. 

Reduce your caffeine and alcohol intake 

There is no denying that there can be two factors that can heighten the feelings of stress, and often they can be the things you turn to when you feel like you need it most. A caffeine fix or an alcoholic drink. However, these two things will only add to stress and anxiety and make things worse instead of better. If you feel particularly stressed and worried, stay away from these two things as it can help you have a clearer head. Some have even gone as far as not drinking these things permanently and find that the feelings of stress are far less common. 

Feeling Stressed? 5 Ways You Can Ditch That Feeling For Good

Talk and communicate 

Finally, don’t forget to talk and communicate your feelings. When we feel stressed, we can instinctively close up when it comes to communication, but this means you bottle up those feelings. Not allowing them to be discussed will only make things worse over time. You might find that you end up bursting because you can no longer contain those feelings within. Talking to a partner, friend, or family member. A problem shared is a problem halved. This will soon become a habit, and you will find that your stressed feelings won’t be so overwhelming. 

Stress will always be something that will rear its head now and again, but having things you know will help you deal with it can be a priceless feeling. Let’s hope these tips help you ditch feeling stressed for good.

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