April - Neglected areas {12-month cleaning calendar}

12-month cleaning calendar | April – Neglected areas

5th April 2022

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Do you have neglected areas in your home that you just can’t get to on the daily and weekly cleans? You are not alone. Research suggests that the majority of homes will have neglected areas where dust can build up, but while this is normal, a build of dust can cause dust mites to form. These can pose health risks as bacteria and mould can attach and build. 

Being reminded to focus on these neglected areas from time to time can help you to stay on top of hidden dust and stop the problem from escalating. Dr. Beckmann has an immense range of products that can help you keep your home clean and sparkling all year round, especially when you want to tackle those neglected spots in your home.

Cleaning neglected areas in your home

Check out Dr. Beckmann’s product range to help spruce up your homes in 2022 here: www.dr-beckmann.co.uk. So what are the most common neglected areas of your home? Prepare to feel less alone as I reveal the neglected areas you might want to focus on this month. 

April - Neglected areas {12-month cleaning calendar}
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Lampshades and bulbs 

Can you honestly say the last time you dusted a lampshade or even the bulb inside the lamp? Sometimes these items can be neglected as they don’t show any dust that might have settled on them, and the bulb is out of sight most of the time. So make it your mission to dust those lampshades and bulbs. 

Blinds and curtains 

We often don’t think of fabric as being an area to collect dust, but curtains are renowned for it. So a great tip is to run your vacuum over them, or if they are washable, get them in the washing machine to get rid of any dust and add some freshness to the room. Blinds are a little harder to clean. Fabric ones could be vacuumed, but if you have wooden blinds then using a feather duster in between each slat would be a quick and easy method to get them clean. 

Shelves all around your home 

Shelves are notoriously known for collecting dust and unless you keep on top of them the dust can mount up. So make a point of focusing on shelves every now and again and dust them with a duster and some polish, if appropriate. You could also give them a wipe down with an antibacterial spray as well. 

April - Neglected areas {12-month cleaning calendar}

Picture frames on the walls

You may dust those picture frames quite often, or at least you think so. However, many of us only tend to focus on the small frames that we might have displayed on shelves or tables. But what about those picture frames on the walls. The top of the frame especially can be a place where dust can reside. A feather duster can help you reach those high up frames and give them a dust. Don’t forget to vacuum once you are done to get rid of any dust that settled on the floor. 


Our bannisters can be one of the most touched areas of our home, and while traditionally the tops of the bannisters may not gather dust they can get dirty. Using an antibacterial spray and giving them a good wipe can help you to keep on top of this. However, underneath your bannister, there may be areas close to floor level, or even intricate metal designed between the floor and bannister rail that can gather dust. A feather duster could help you make light work of those areas. 

Skirting boards 

Finally, the skirting boards can be a place that gathers dust very easily. Making a point of going around the skirting boards of your home will help you to ensure that they are rid of dust. Damp dusting is really good for this area. 

Hopefully, these suggestions will help you tackle those neglected areas.