What changes can you make to your home?

Is It Time To Change The Look Of Your Home? Start 2024 As You Mean To Go On

12th January 2024

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Now that we are into another year, your mind is probably brimming with ideas of what you want to do. Traditionally people make a lot of New Year’s Resolutions. They may include self-improvements such as weight loss or getting fitter. It could be that your mind is a priority with a more positive approach and outlook on life. It could even be that you want to travel more or get your finances in order. All of which are great resolutions and goals to set for the year, but another one that people like to consider has much to do with their homes. 

The environment you live in has a huge impact on how you feel day to day. Even if you are focusing on your mindset, your home can be a valuable tool to help you do it. Weight loss and getting fitter means that you need organised surroundings to help you stay on track, which means that you will want to get your home in order. Even just feeling better or having plans to sell your home so that you can move, one on with your career or live in another area, how do you do it?

Here are some of the tips you can try to make some changes to your home, let’s start 2024 as we mean to go on. 

What changes can you make to your home?

What changes can you make to your home?

Change the colours of the walls

One of the areas to look into when it comes to your home is to think about the colours of the walls. This can make a big difference to how your home appears. Perhaps your home feels dark, this can have a lot to do with the paint on the walls. If the colour is dark or particularly bold, then it can make a room appear smaller. On another note, you may have a white home that is a completely black canvas, so adding colours to your home could be just the thing you are wanting to do. Paint can be a very cost-effective way of making a big difference in how your home looks and feels. 

Could a room be used for something different?

Maybe you are a bit bored of the layout of your home, so perhaps a change is in order. Of course, there are rooms in your home that you can’t necessarily change the use of, this includes the bathroom and the kitchen. But what about living spaces, dining rooms, and even bedrooms? Perhaps a spare room could be turned into a playroom for children or an office to work in.

Maybe a room that was once a loving area might be more suited for dining due to its location with the kitchen. Or perhaps you want to switch rooms around, perhaps give children the larger bedroom so they can share and create more space in your home for other uses. It is time to get creative. 

Think about the accessories that you buy 

A great way to make a home feel new and restored is to think about what you fill the rooms with. It isn’t always about the furniture, although that is important and we do discuss that later. But the accessories and how you style and decorate the finished room can make all of the difference. For example, some online companies will have a great selection of blankets and bedding accessories, which can make a bedroom feel luxurious. Other websites may have great light fittings to consider,r beautiful rugs to adorn the floors with or cushions that will add just the right amount of colour and theme to a room. 

What changes can you make to your home?

Why not make a feature out of a wall?

We have already discussed painting the walls, but what about using one wall as a feature? This is when you can be bolder with your colours if you prefer a darker shade or something a little brighter. A feature wall catches the attention of the eyes and can work great with bringing themes and colours together. But a feature wall doesn’t have to be painted. You could consider using wallpaper and adding a feature in that way with patterns or textures. You could look at using pictures and artwork instead. Many people use pictures and photographs and make a collage of their favourite snaps on the wall, or artwork perhaps to make it look a little different. 

Look at the type of furniture you have in your home 

Maybe the furniture needs updating, but perhaps you can’t afford to buy new sofas, get new tables or drawers for different rooms. This is when you could consider upcycling your current furniture. Perhaps now would be a good time to think about how you could paint something to give it a new look, create a new piece of furniture out of junk items that were destined for the recycling center, or maybe even think about reupholstering sofas, cushions or chairs. Websites like Pinterest are a great source of inspiration. 

Decluttering your home could make a big difference

Clutter can really make a home look and appear messy. So it may be time to start thinking about decluttering and getting rid of the things you no longer love, want, or need in your life. At this time of year especially, you may be feeling the itch to start minimising the number of things that you have in your home and make room for the things that you may have gotten over Christmas. You could start by focusing on one room at a time, or just dedicating five minutes a day to the chore. Selling things online, donating to charity or recycling can be three of the ways you get rid of the clutter for good. 

What changes can you make to your home?

Manage your storage and create different options 

Maybe now is the time to start thinking about the storage you have in your home. If you have finally got through the clutter, and now need to find homes for things. It could be new shelves to store things, new drawers or cupboards. Again looking online can help you feel inspired for different storage options, and often using areas such as under the stairs or above wardrobes can be ideal ways to keep things looking clean and tidy and less cluttered. 

Have big plans for extensions and changing the floor plan

Maybe you have big plans for your home this year, which could include extensions or changing the layout of your home. These things cost a lot, so budgeting and planning carefully are going to be two essential requirements. Extensions can be a great way to add value and add more space to your home. Many people consider doing this to their kitchens and also adding to their dining and living areas. Creating big open-plan spaces.

It might be that you want to keep the size of your home the same but knocks a wall or two down to create a more open plan living area. These things could also make a big difference to how your home looks and feels. 

Think outside of the box when it comes to purchases 

It might be time to start taking outside of the box when it comes to the things you purchase for your home. Instagram has some great small businesses that are full of unique items for your home. This could be quirky ornaments or unique pieces of furniture. However, you could also look at doing things a little differently. Instead of going to big stores, you could invest to have things made bespoke. It could be kitchen units, it may be a new table or chairs, or something smaller but individual to you. Also shopping online can end up saving you a small fortune, especially on things like bathroom suites. Then just pay a plumber or specialist to fit it. 

What changes can you make to your home?

Dress the windows

The windows are the eyes of the room, so pay close attention to how you dress them. Many people use curtains, but are they really fitting and in keeping with your theme for the room? You could also take on the craze for home interiors such as shutters or try your hand at having different blinds in place. Not only is it about what you have on your windows, you also want to try and let as much natural light into the room as possible. Finally, what you have on window sills could also be a little feature in itself. Photo frames and little trinkets are always very popular. 

A clean and tidy house can be all it takes 

Finally, often it is the small things that can make a big difference to how your home looks, so it may be time to start thinking about a cleaning schedule and keeping on top of the chores. There can be daily cleaning tasks that you undertake, and then things that you do weekly or monthly. Keeping your home clean can just be all it takes to help it look and feel its best. 

Let’s hope these tips can help you change the look of your home this year. 

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