Kitchen tools for weight loss

18th February 2021

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Anyone who has ever been on a diet knows that the proper kitchen utensils and appliances can greatly aid in their weight loss.

Kitchens are equipped with basic appliances and utensils; however, a dieter’s needs may involve a little more hardware. Even if a dieter’s kitchen already has the following items for general cooking, she may want to buy separate items to aid in their weight loss journey.

Kitchen Scale for weight loss

Many programs and recipes call for foods to be weighed. Kitchen scales are small enough to sit on a kitchen counter or be stored for easy access. They range anywhere from the pound store variety for those on a budget to the expensive digital scales, which can be purchased from a kitchen speciality store for upwards of £50.

They can be the small ones that you have to set a bowl on or a little larger with a bowl to place food in attached. There are even scales that hang on the wall.

Kitchen tools for weight loss

Measuring Food for weight loss

There are different ways to measure food. Some items are measured by the cup, while others such as spices are measured by the teaspoon.

Measuring cups

Measuring cups can be purchased anywhere from a 1/4 tsp to a one-cup measuring cup. They can come in plastic, glass, or stainless steel. They can be bought as single pieces or in a set. Measuring cups can be specifically for liquids or for solids. They are versatile and are used in most recipes. They range from inexpensive varieties to extremely expensive sets offered by speciality companies.

Measuring spoons

Measuring spoons will almost always come in a set. Either plastic or stainless steel can be found in most retail stores. They are generally inexpensive and can be used with either liquids or solids though some speciality companies are charging quite a bit more.

Measuring scoop

A measuring scoop is adjustable and will measure small amounts as does the set of measuring spoons.

Blenders for Dieters

Blenders can be useful for the diet-conscious. Low cal smoothies can easily be made in a blender. Blenders can now be bought for single servings that have a “to go” lid, which is great for people that need something quickly and are then out the door. Blenders also vary in price from the inexpensive to the ultra-expensive that can blend, mix, chop, puree, whip, liquefy and grate.

Dieting Extras

Dieting is hard work. It’s even harder if you are on a program that calls for foods to be prepared in a special way or certain items to prepare the foods. Sometimes many different aids and tools are needed. While the list is not all-inclusive, it’s enough to get the newbie dieter started and help reach their goal.

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