New Year's Resolutions: Do You Have Them

New Year’s Resolutions: Do You Have Them And What The Most Common Ones Are

28th December 2021

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It’s that time of year again, and no I am not talking about Christmas. That’s obvious. In a matter of days, we are heading into a brand new year, and with that party evening in full swing, many of us decide on what our new year’s resolutions are going to be. Do you make them?

Some people haven’t got a huge opinion on them, and don’t place too much emphasis on them. Whereas some people have a huge long list of things, they want to do for the new year. Now is the time many people at least focus a little thought on what they want to do for the new year ahead, and it got me thinking about what the most common resolutions are, perhaps they may resonate with you for your new year ahead. 

Lose weight

Losing weight has to be one of the most common new year’s resolutions people make, and partly I think this might be down to overindulging during the Christmas period. Weight loss may be small where you just want to lose a few pounds, or you may have a bigger target you want to reach. However, in January you see a huge rise in people taking out gym memberships and signing up for different diets, and this can add a huge amount of pressure on you to succeed. My advice would be to generate a plan for sustainable weight loss and try and not to expect results straight away. It’s more about taking better care of yourself. 

Make some changes to themselves and their bodies

Some people use the opportunity of the new year to make some changes to themselves. Be that physically or mentally, but the most common can be cosmetic changes. Perhaps there is a part of your body that makes you feel self-conscious, or you just want to make some improvements.

You’d be surprised that many people put cosmetic enhancements and even surgery plans on the new year’s resolutions list. Whether you seek advice for a specific surgery or consider a consultation for liposuction, breast enhancement, and even facelifts, make sure you do plenty of research in advance to ensure you are making an informed decision. 

Punch Today In The Face - New Year's Resolutions: Do You Have Them

Consider a lifestyle change

A new year is a perfect opportunity to change your lifestyle completely. That might mean becoming a healthier version of yourself and exercising more regularly. Or even something that could totally transform your life like turning to veganism or becoming a vegetarian. The new year promises the perfect fresh slate to begin a new challenge and goal. 

Travel more

Travelling is a very common new year’s resolution especially as most people have their own bucket lists that they wish to complete. You might want to make it your goal to see a few different places or make more of your time off from work or education. 

Move up the career ladder

Finally, a career can be a huge focus for many people, so no surprise that wanting to improve your job prospects and perhaps either change your career or move up the ladder is a big new year’s resolution for many. If this sounds like something you want to consider, it’s worth setting yourself a plan to help you achieve your goals. That might mean extra studying for necessary skills or showing more initiative in the workplace. 

I hope this has helped you finalise your new year’s resolutions.