5 sleep resolutions to inspire a healthier and happier New Year

5 sleep resolutions to inspire a healthier and happier year

20th December 2021

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If you are someone who suffers from sleep problems, then you shouldn’t only follow this guide but also make some sleep resolutions to aid you to sleep better the entire year. The best part about having a sound sleep is that you can pass your day in a happy mood, get a productivity boost, and above all, have all the energy to do whatever you have at the back of your mind.

But the way to your sound sleep is that you need to cultivate some habits which will not only help you unwind but also relax.

5 tips that will help you achieve your sleep resolutions

5 sleep resolutions to inspire a healthier and happier New Year

Ensure your bedroom is a haven

Experts believe that the environment has a significant effect on our mental state. After a long day, when you get the calming vibes that put you off to sound sleep, you can be truly relaxed. Imagine yourself under dim light with some light music, well, just like I can imagine, even you would be thinking to keep all your stresses at bay. Hence all we say that you need to lay a comfortable mattress and make a bed. Above all, you can also use a white linen bed sheet as white is known as the colour of peace.

Fix your screen time

All of us know that Netflix and other OTT platforms are quite attractive, and we, too, get glued to them for hours straight. Besides that, we also have a habit of playing some games on mobile or TV, etc. Whatever may be the activity, all we say is that you should minimise your screen time, especially before you sleep. You don’t understand or experience it at your young age, but as you get older, you are most likely to feel that screen has a lot of impact on your health, both physical and mental.

You need to follow a routine where you just keep the screen away from you like before sleep. Thanks to the stunning technological developments that you can control your phone on, do not disturb automatically, so you don’t see notifications like that of emails or social media; even if you are tempted to, you can’t see it.

Have bath

A lot of studies have proved the fact that when you have a hot bath, you can sleep better. Some people do follow it. No doubt, if you aren’t following it yet, you must follow this in 2022, so you can achieve your sleep resolutions. When you take a bath, the water that touches your body minimizes your core temperature, which is an essential factor for a sound sleep.

Hence when you are all set to snuggle in your bed, your body gets a signal that it is time to go to sleep. If you want to get some spa feel at home, you can surely use Epsom salts, an oil diffuser, and a crystal salt lamp, which will not only help you in unwinding but also put you into sleep mode.

5 sleep resolutions to inspire a healthier and happier New Year

Choose to turn off your brain

Often we have a habit of scrolling down our social media or checking emails before sleeping. Well then, thanks to all these activities, we take at least one hour to go to bed extra or to get sound sleep. Hence if you want to achieve your sleep resolutions, then you must break this habit and instead get into some reading habit. Above all, when you read a book, you can keep your mind off all the stresses. In case you don’t like reading, you can also save a guided meditation.

Stay keep yourself cold

One of the most common causes of sleep disturbances is body temperature. People tend to get up in the middle of the night because they are too hot. So all you need to ensure is that your air conditioning is cranked up, your bedsheets are linen, etc.

Hence besides doing all of these, even if there are some thoughts popping up in mind, you can keep a journal where you can jot down your ideas. Above all, when your mind is subtle the next morning, you can read all these and come to a solution if anything needs to be changed.