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  • Creating a Dog Friendly Garden

    For some dog owners, the battle between their plants and their pets ends in the decimation of the garden they worked so hard to create. Newly planted shrubs are overturned and expectant fruit trees pillaged. Even worse is when a much-loved pet is harmed by eating a poisonous plant that seems innocuous but turns out to be lethal to canines.

    / 6th August 2019
  • Ways You Garden Can Improve The Quality Of Your Life

    Have you ever asked yourself this question “what role is having a garden in improving the quality of my life?” Do you think having a garden is a mere waste of time?

    Then you will really want to reconsider your stand after reading this article…

    / 26th July 2019
  • Getting your garden ready for summer

    Outdoor spring cleaning also involves organising and arranging, especially in the garage or garden where clutter is bound to build up. From boxes to car parts to bikes and tools, the garage should remain neat and safe, especially if children will be running around during the summer.

    / 4th July 2019
  • Why your garden is a perfect spot for your picnic

    One of the most complicated parts of planning for a picnic is selecting the right choice that gives you what you want without exceeding your budget. Your garden does not only allow you to cut cost but also gives you a perfect arena for your picnic. This article is aimed at educating you step by step on the reason your garden is a perfect spot for your picnic.

    / 10th June 2019
  • Ways A Garden Can Boost Your Mood

    It is a known fact that a greater part of one’s performance is generally affected by his mood. This article is aimed at giving you some working steps that your garden can assist you with boosting your mood.

    / 27th May 2019