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  • Gutter cleaning and maintenance

    Homeowners should regularly clean out their gutters and downspouts. Normally this task should be done at least twice a year in the spring and fall, but homes in heavily wooded areas may need more frequent attention. Attentive gutter cleaning is a viable alternative to gutter covers and other products.

    Lifestyle, Outdoors
    / 12th April 2019
  • Why a pressure washer is a gardening essential

    There are many reasons why a power washer is a vital piece of equipment for around the house. Whether you are using it for the house or for the garden, a power washer is more versatile than most people think. A power washer is a gardening essential, in addition to cleaning things around the house.

    / 6th April 2019
  • Spring cleaning your garden + #Giveaway

    As the warm weather emerges and all the signs of Spring make their appearance, cleaning may be the last thing on your mind. Spending time outside and in your garden can only be made possible, however, with some outdoor cleaning and straightening up.

    / 1st April 2019
  • Guide to splitting, storing and stacking wood for winter

    Heating with wood has been making a comeback in recent years. Wood heating can be used for main heating of a home or as a backup source during power outages. When wood is harvested correctly and dried and stored properly, it can save you money over conventional heating costs.

    / 19th March 2019
  • You Can Achieve Beauty & Function In the Garden

    Often when we conjure up images of a functional garden in our minds, we think of vegetable plots like the ones in the 70’s sitcom The Good Life. You know all function, but that won’t win any prizes for aesthetics. Of course, the problem, for many gardeners, with the sort of outside space is that it doesn’t look attractive, in fact, it is all business. That needn’t be the case though, in fact, you can have a garden that looks great and is functional as well.

    / 12th March 2019