Spring cleaning for the exterior of the home

Spring cleaning for the exterior of the home

21st March 2023

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The spring clean is a traditional deep cleaning of the home at winter’s end and is an important part of home maintenance. Extend spring cleaning to the exterior as well.

Opening windows to let in the fresh air, removing dust from ceiling fans, eaves, and behind furniture, cleaning out the mudroom, and storing away winter gear; are all done during spring cleaning. While a homeowner’s thoughts may turn next to landscaping, gardening, and flower beds, it’s important not to forget the home’s exterior. Check for and prevent damage after the long winter and spring clean the home’s exterior as well.

Things to spring clean on your home exterior

Spring cleaning for the exterior of the home

Check for Softening Wood

Roof eaves and soffits, wooden fencing, and latticework over a crawl space can all be affected by piles of snow or excess water. Over time, the paint may begin to crack or peel, and the wood may begin to soften or rot.

As part of the normal spring home maintenance, check these areas for signs of water damage or impending damage. Scrape and repaint cracked and peeling paint to protect the wood beneath, and replace any rotting or softened areas before the damage spreads.

Replace the Air Conditioning Filter

The home’s air conditioning units do a great job of filtering pollutants and allergens when they pull air into the home. Not replacing the filter not only reduces the effectiveness of the air conditioner but also allows the dirt, pollutants, and allergens to bypass the filter entirely and go straight to the air conditioner’s coils.

Get air conditioners ready to start their work in the spring by changing out the filters as part of the spring cleaning routine. Always refer to the owner’s manual to determine the location of the filter and the size of the filter before beginning to ensure the proper fit. Some filters may even need to be replaced once a month through the summer, but changing them at least once a year in the spring helps get the season off to the right start.

Clean Gutters and Stone Work

Gutters, stone facings, and walls are all places for debris, dirt, and mould to collect after a long, wet winter. Stone facings and walls covered in debris and dirt are merely unsightly but can detract from the curb appeal of the home. Use a high-pressure hose to clear away the debris and keep these areas looking great.

Gutters become a trap for leaves, twigs and other debris that fell the previous fall and then collected there, washed into the gutter by the snow and rain. Leaving them clogged can back water up onto the roofline, damaging not only the roof but the roof eaves and soffits. Clean the gutters out well, remove all debris, and flush them with clean water to remove dirt and build-up. This will help keep the gutters flowing freely through the spring rains and protect the home from potential water damage.

Spring cleaning for the exterior of the home

Tackle as soon as possible

Be sure to see to the home’s exterior maintenance as soon as possible in the spring, and attend to other problems as they crop up over the spring, summer, and fall to help prevent major damage from taking place. Maintaining the home’s exterior not only maintains the value of the home, but also maintains curb appeal and the goodwill of neighbours.

Extend the spring cleaning to the home’s exterior this year,
and preserve the beauty and integrity of the home for years to come.