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Great Ways to Spruce up Your Outside Space

5th December 2022

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Your outside space can be a real asset to your home. It can act as an extra room; it can be a great place to socialise with friends and family; it can be a place for the children to play safely; it can be a stunning scene to admire; it can even be the ideal spot t relax from the maddening world.

If you want your outside space to be this and more, then you need to invest in it. You need to spend some time working out what you want and then put the effort in to achieve it. To help you out, here are a few ideas for your outside space:


If you have an outside space, no matter how small, you need to add some plants. Plants add colour and life and can help to drown out the world outside your walls. If you do have a small, enclosed garden in the city, why not try some hanging baskets and some potted plants?

Potted plants are great; they give you some life without all the hassle of planting things into the ground. The great thing is pots come in all shapes and sizes, and you can really create something pretty by using pots. If you want to cover up some unsightly walls, then why not invest in vertical gardens? This is a great way to use the space you have to the highest possible degree. You can even plant vegetables with a patio or bricked-up area n the city.

If you have a larger garden, you can still go for vertical gardens, but you have a lot more options. If you have grass, then how about installing flower beds in the borders? How about some raised borders? Plants creeping over archways, trellises and pagodas look awesome. These give you the chance to create divides, too, to give your garden that amazing secret garden feel.

Remember, you are going to need to protect your plants, so use things like pest control outdoors from Green Gardener to keep those creepy crawlies at bay.

Great Ways to Spruce up Your Outside Space - green indoor potted plant lot

Add Special Features

If you go to any garden centre, you will see that there is a wide range of beautiful features and ornaments that you can add to your garden. If you have a small space, then why not invest in some mirrors? Mirrors are a great choice as they can add depth and make your garden seem much larger and brighter if you position them correctly.

If you are into larger and more obvious features, then you can choose from a range of stunning sculptures made of metal or wood. Water features are always a fabulous choice. If you have garden divides, a meditation area will work wonderfully with a trickling water feature. This will help you disappear into your own peaceful world. Mirrored balls are a popular choice. You can let your personality run riot in your garden if you invest in it and use it to heighten your sense of well-being.