Organising your greenhouse: Things to consider

How to organise a greenhouse

17th March 2023

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A well-organised greenhouse will make your gardening experience more enjoyable. How you organise it depends on what you plan to grow as different setups are required for different purposes. If you grow exotic plants you will have a completely different setup than if you used it for herbs or bedding plants. However, each greenhouse setup will require the same basic organisation.

If you’re lucky enough to own a greenhouse, you know how exciting it can be to grow your own plants and vegetables all year round. However, without proper organisation, your greenhouse can quickly become cluttered and overwhelming. That’s why it’s important to take some time to plan and organise your space.

There are a few things to consider when it comes to organising your greenhouse. First, think about your goals for the space. Are you looking to grow a variety of plants or focus on a specific type? This will help you determine how much space you’ll need and what kind of shelving, storage, and work surfaces you’ll require. Next, consider the layout of your greenhouse.

You’ll want to create a flow that makes it easy to move around and tend to your plants. This might mean leaving space for a workbench or potting area, or ensuring that your plants are grouped together in a way that makes sense. Finally, don’t forget about storage. You’ll need a place to store your tools, pots, and other gardening supplies. With a little planning and organisation, you can create a beautiful and functional greenhouse that will help you grow healthy, thriving plants all year round.

The following steps will help you organise your greenhouse and make it more productive and easier to maintain.

Organising your greenhouse: Things to consider

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Keep your greenhouse clean and tidy at all times. This makes it easier to work efficiently and helps you keep things organised. You should always wipe surfaces clean and take care of diseased plants as soon as possible. You should also remove old soil, fertilizer and plant matter.

Plant Selection

You need to know which plants you want to grow. You should group plants with similar growing requirements together. This includes similar soil requirements, sun exposure and water requirements. The chosen location for each plant grouping must ensure every plant has enough ventilation and breathing space to grow. You should place plants that prefer heat near the heat source and other plants along the perimeter.

Greenhouse Tools

You will need to organise your tools. The better organised they are, the easier they are to find if needed. A small storage space near a sink is ideal. This makes it easy to keep your tools clean and organised. You should also carry out a maintenance check on all climate controls and watering equipment.

How to organise a greenhouse

Greenhouse supplies

Stock up and store all supplies for the plants you want to grow. Soil, fertilizer, plant labels, spare pots, plant feed and plug trays should be stored neatly and safely in a storage cupboard or shelves.

Potting Bench

If you have a large potting bench you need to ensure it is well organised. You can store supplies and materials on securely fitted shelves underneath the bench for easy access. You should clean the bench regularly to prevent contaminating healthy plants with diseased ones.


If you have a small greenhouse shelving is not always necessary. However, for larger greenhouses, you need to organise shelves so they provide a safe working environment. You need to ensure they fit securely in place and will support the weight of plants set on them.


Ensure you have easy access to all plants. You should have at least one main walkway wide enough for your wheelbarrow. You must be able to reach all plants from the main walkway. If you are unable to reach all plants you need to create another walkway or access point.

How to organise a greenhouse

Above all, when you grow plants you need to label them clearly and record the date of planting along with their variety. This makes it easy to organise your workload and helps prevent diseases from going untreated. If you get into the routine of cleaning up after each session, you will maintain a well-organised and more profitable greenhouse.