How To Determine If Your Patio Needs An Upgrade

How To Determine If Your Patio Needs An Upgrade

2nd October 2023

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As an essential part of your outdoor space, your patio allows you to host your friends, relatives, and other guests in a grand style, especially if you are keen on preserving the pristine nature of your indoor space. If you need a focal point to boost curb appeal and increase your home’s elegance, your patio can do a good job. Plus, they offer more privacy than traditional balconies and cost less to install. It’s no wonder that this feature can elevate your home’s value to a significant degree. But, in the poorest of shapes, a patio can be an eyesore. Here are some signs to help you determine if yours needs an upgrade. 

Does your patio need an upgrade: Signs to look for

How To Determine If Your Patio Needs An Upgrade

Your patio’s style is no longer relevant in today’s home design

Maybe there is nothing wrong with your patio- the surface is even, and there are no discolorations and the like. Yet, your home’s value will likely depreciate if the design belongs to the olden generation. This is especially true if your home is modern and makes your patio seem out of place. In this situation, a new patio doesn’t seem like a bad idea. The trick is to research modern designs and choose one that complements your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Another way to choose a new patio is its purpose and function. For instance, you would want to invest in a covered one with features like granite countertops, cooking or grilling spots, and a dining area if you want your patio to be an extension of your indoor space (an outdoor kitchen area). However, this patio requires a roof to protect your appliances and shade you from the weather, so ensure you get quality roofing materials from companies like Clear Amber Shop.

Your patio looks like it has seen better days 

You may have built your patio with longevity in mind, which is a good idea. Perhaps it has served you well over the years. However, nothing is built to last forever, and your patio is no exception. With time, this area will begin to look like it has seen better days, and the sight may be pretty unpleasant. For instance, it may begin to fade due to constant exposure to sunlight and other weather conditions. Likewise, if you are fond of throwing a BBQ party on your patio, chances are, there are stains from spilled drinks, hot coals, dropped BBQ meat, and so on.

Sometimes, your patio’s age can also reflect on its appearance, so keep this in mind. These factors contribute to this area looking unkempt. Sometimes, repainting can restore your patio to its original splendour, while adding something like one of these patio covers in Red Deer (or elsewhere more relevant) can completely reinvigorate the space. However, you may need to fully replace your patio if there are more hazardous damages, leading to the next point.

How To Determine If Your Patio Needs An Upgrade

Your patio surface is not well-balanced

The last thing you may want is for you, a family member, or a guest to trip or fall on your patio and sustain injuries. But this is bound to happen if its surface is uneven. Like discolouration, uneven surfaces can be an eyesore but a serious hazard that can lead to hospital bills or even a lawsuit. And if you don’t correct this as soon as possible, the pavers can shift and separate over time. Sometimes, the patio floor may appear to be sinking, which is an indication of a more dire situation like a drainage problem.

When you notice these things, you should take action immediately. The first step is to detect the uneven spots on your patio’s surface with a levelling stick and mark them so that you can identify them when repairs are ongoing. Working with professionals will be advisable in this case, as they can determine the best solution. 

There is a water puddle close to your patio

Water puddling close to or on your patio is not good news; like a sinking surface, this can alert you to a poor drainage system. A lot can go wrong if you don’t correct this immediately. For instance, your foundation may weaken, compromising your property’s structural integrity.

Another thing you should worry about is bugs, bacteria, and other organisms that love to breed or grow in stagnant water. These critters can cause diseases and affect the health of your family members. Patio experts say a poor sub-base can also contribute to this problem. Therefore, consider investing in a soakaway box with gravel in it. Correcting your drainage mistakes is also another viable solution, so feel free to consider this. 

Your patio is integral to your home’s exterior, and keeping it in good shape is important. Hopefully, you will consider upgrading it if you find one or more of these signs on your patio.