Building Your Own WFH Shed Or Outhouse

Building Your Own WFH Shed Or Outhouse

19th May 2023

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If you are working from home, or you are due in the near future, you will need to make sure that you have somewhere decent to actually do your work. A lot of people struggle to find somewhere like this in their homes, giving rise to a need to create it instead. And if you do need to do that, one of the best ways is just to build your own shed or outhouse in your garden. Let’s take a look at the major steps involved in that which you will want to consider right now.

Plot It Out

First, choose where your shed is going to go in the garden so you can plot out the space. This is simple enough, but you need to think carefully about size and shape. You need enough size so that you can do whatever work you need to do, but without the chance of the shed being imposing on the garden. Getting that balance right can be tricky, but it is perfectly possible with the right approach. Then you can plot the space out on the ground to help you envisage where it will go and its size, and start getting ready for construction.

Building Your Own WFH Shed Or Outhouse

You actually have a lot of options for materials when it comes to building a shed or outhouse, and this is something that you can approach in pretty much any way you like. You might decide to use corrugated PVC sheets for the roofing and felt for the sides, or you might go down a traditional wooden hut route. In any case, think about the cost of the material and what you can afford, and make sure that you are considering what will be attractive in your garden as well.

Design The Interior

Now you can start thinking about the interior. You can of course do whatever you like here, but there are some things that can help you to ensure you do it in an effective and engaging, or even exciting, manner. You’ll need to think about how you are going to work and what you’ll need for storage and space, as well as the general decor, color theme and so on too. If you can allow your creativity to shine through here, that is a great way to make sure you get this right, so that is definitely something to think about.

Finally, you will probably need an electrical supply if you are going to work there, so think about how you are going to achieve that. You could hook it up to the mains in the house, if you like, or you can install a solar panel on the roof and use that to power it instead. And you might want to think about whether you need running water, heating, and an internet connection. Do whatever you can to make it your space, and one that you are truly happy to work in every day.