3 Ways To Enjoy Your Outdoor Space This Winter

3 Ways To Enjoy Your Outdoor Space This Winter

2nd December 2023

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As winter approaches, you may be preparing your indoor space to be comfy throughout the season. However, you can also enjoy some time outdoors during this weather by making the best of your outdoor space. Admittedly, your patio may not seem inviting to spend time in during winter, as research reveals only 5% of adults will venture outdoors during the winter. However, your outdoor space can become a cosy winter retreat with some strategic planning and creativity. Here is how to make this happen.

How to Enjoy Your Outdoor Space This Winter

3 Ways To Enjoy Your Outdoor Space This Winter

Improve your outdoor lighting

Winter evenings are characterised by longer hours of darkness, which may be why many people prefer to retreat indoors where there is ample lighting. But what if you could bring the indoors outside? Illuminate your patio with ambient lighting and make the place bright enough to curb any fear of the dark. Use lanterns, solar-powered light bulbs, string lights, or LED candles in your patio seating area. Strategic positioning of outdoor lighting can set the tone for an enjoyable winter night.

Another vital point is to ensure that your outdoor lighting fixtures are weather-resistant and will not get damaged when in contact with the elements. Experts say light bulbs with an Ingress Protection (IP) rate of 65 are best for the outdoors. Convert your outdoor area into an enchanting space with all the decorative elements you use to enhance the overall atmosphere.

Upgrade your patio 

There is so much more you can do with your patio to make it welcoming not only in summer but in winter. Many households have been able to transform this space into functional winter oases, setting an example you can follow. It is important to consider winter safety as you upgrade your patio. The first is to choose slip-resistant surfaces for your patio paving.

Additionally, opt for durable materials that can withstand the common hazards that come with winter. You must be aware of patio materials that won’t cause problems in the coldest season of the year. For example, wood expands in winter and may not be ideal for your patio upgrade. However, natural stones, bricks, and concrete pavers are known to withstand extreme winter conditions. Enjoy a cup of hot cocoa or tea while spending time on your upgraded patio this winter.

3 Ways To Enjoy Your Outdoor Space This Winter

Introduce outdoor heating and textiles

The winter weather can be bone-chilling, but it won’t be that bad if you incorporate outdoor heating elements and cosy textiles into your outdoor seating area. For example, a stylish fire pit, a patio heater, area rugs, and warm blankets are worth having in winter. A circular arrangement of your seating and outdoor furniture encourages better warmth in the space. Meanwhile, an intimate outdoor setting can feel like an extension of your indoors.

Remember to include weather-resistant cushions and lots of weather-friendly throw pillows to enjoy the beauty of winter in your outdoors. Even with outdoor heating and textiles, remember to wear appropriately layered winter clothing to prevent the bite of the cold.

With these tips and measures in place, you will love to spend time outdoors without feeling apprehensive about the chilly weather.

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