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  • Great Ideas for Small Kitchens

    When you are rushing around with pots and pans and ingredients getting ready for a meal, the worst thing is not having the space to move around. Yeah, the concept will be lost on those who don’t often find themselves cooking. Fret not, though. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make the most of the little space you have in your tiny kitchen.

    / 22nd August 2017
  • Home Organisation Ideas

    No matter how many people live in your home, storage and home organisation will be something you need to put some thought into.   Thinking about which ideas you will need regular access to and those that are seasonal items that need to be stored away effectively without damage so they can be pulled out and ready to use as required.

    / 20th August 2017
  • Amazing Living Room Décor Ideas

    The words ‘living room’ says it all. It is a room in which we live. We entertain guests, we play games, we watch television and we relax in this room, among other things. It is often the first area others see when they enter our homes. For this reason, we love to make it an elaborate room that can really impress but there is a fine line between classy and over the top and I will give you a few ideas that will keep you on the classy side.

    / 15th August 2017
  • 5 Ideas for pet-friendly décor

    When pets live with us in our home (or we live in theirs as the case is with cats) there are some changes that will inevitably have to occur. Having pets living indoors doesn’t mean that we cannot have nice things anymore. Sometimes their items can be a great addition to your already existing décor. Take a look…

    / 8th August 2017
  • Practical Ideas for the Home Office

    Whether you have a complete home office or just a corner in the living room that you use to study in, the space needs some attention. It is after all the place where your creativity comes out to play. What you will do with your brain gym depends on the type of work you will be doing in it and on what you like, mostly. A few fresh ideas about your workspace may give inspiration for new ideas in your work.

    / 1st August 2017
  • Ideas for the Design of Your Dining Room

    When we think of our dining room we think about a room that is used for the family’s togetherness. Families build many great memories in the dining room but what is in the background of those memories? Do you remember a clinically white room with few or no decorations or was it a room bathed in a golden light emitting from the crystal chandelier above? You are the one to determine the dinner memories your kids will build while growing up and with that in mind, here are some ideas.

    / 25th July 2017
  • 3 Tricks to Use in a Small Bathroom

    We often do not need a large bathroom because we only use it for short periods and for things that do not require that much space to start with. The problem arises when we need space to store stuff and when we want to make it look amazing. Let’s face it; we all want every room in our homes to look great. I have compiled a list of tricks that will make your bathroom look better and utilise all of the space it has to offer.

    / 11th July 2017