10 Home Decor Ideas for a Teenage Boy’s Room

2nd August 2019

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Decorating a teenage boy’s room can be difficult. It’s already hard enough to get him to keep it clean! A teenage boy’s bedroom is their safe haven, whether they use it to entertain friends, study, or just to sleep. These home decor ideas are sure to get your son thinking about what he wants his space to look like.

Top accessories for a teenage boy’s bedroom

10 Home Decor Ideas for a Teenage Boy’s Room

Collegiate Sports Pendants

If your son has a favourite college sports team, grab their pendant for him to hang on his wall! For a cleaner look, place it in a frame on a white background. They often come in packs based on which conference the college is part of (for example, this set only has the big ten college pendants). 

Bedside Table

Create a spot for your son to place his phone and TV remote while he sleeps. Bedside tables are compatible with almost all beds, including dorm beds and bunk beds. 

Fandom Décor

Is your son on Team Marvel or Team DC? If he’s into comics, shows, or movies with a dedicated fanbase, some merchandise will be available to help decorate his room. Check out this alarm clock that projects the Batman logo and the time on your wall!

Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs come with headphone jacks, speakers, and back support for people who love playing video games. Keep your son comfortable with a gaming chair that’ll make his gaming experience even better than it was before! While some gaming chairs come with wheels and are adjustable, others are meant to be placed on the floor.

Phone Stand

This basic smartphone stand lets your son stream videos without having to hold his phone. It also has a slot that allows him to charge his phone while he’s watching videos. Just make sure he doesn’t overuse your data plan!

10 Home Decor Ideas for a Teenage Boy’s Room

Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets are high-quality, soft, and will keep your son from overheating at night! They’re on the pricier side, but they’re worth it if your son’s room is warm or if he gets warm at night. Choose from a wide variety of colours and sizes

Skateboard Shelves

Got some old skateboards lying around? Turn them into unique shelves for your teenage boy’s bedroom! Add a vibrant paint colour to the wall, and your son’s room will be decked out!

Street Signs

Some kids steal street signs and display them as trophies. It’s unethical, but it looks cool. You can now buy unofficial street signs to give your son’s room the same edgy effect without committing a crime! If metal signs that look real rub you the wrong way, your son can place these removable wall decals with different street signs on them. 

Sarcastic Posters

If your son has a sense of humour, get him a sarcastic poster for his bedroom walls! Whether he’s into history, memes, video games, or anything else, you’ll be able to find a poster that suits his personality. 

While posters can be any teenage boy’s room look fantastic, you also shouldn’t forget about the smaller prints as well. These look a bit more elegant, timeless, and they can still reflect your teenager’s personality quite nicely. You could even consider them some football prints of their favourite team and show that off in the room.

Whiteboard Calendar

Planners are helpful for high school students, but a whiteboard calendar places your reminders right in your room! Get one for your son so he has no excuse for “forgetting” that essay was due last week.

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