10 Gender-Neutral Nursery Decorating Ideas

15th August 2019

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Are you keeping your baby’s gender a surprise? Do you know your child’s gender, but just don’t want to give into gender norms? Gender-neutral everything is trending right now, from clothing to names. Why not decorate your baby’s nursery to fit a unisex theme? 

Gender-neutral colours nurseries tend to include grey, yellow, or green. These colours are soft, yet not associated with a gender. Black and white nurseries are bolder, but still, gender-neutral. Check out these ideas for your new nursery!

Grey and White Sheets

These sheets have a 360-degree elastic band, ensuring that they stay put in your baby’s crib. They’re made of soft jersey cotton and have a cute design on them!

Monogram Wall Décor

Hang the first letter of your baby’s name on their wall, or use their full first name or initials! There are many styles of lettered wall décor available, but this one has a rustic feel to it. 

Printed Laundry Hamper

This black and white hamper comes in different geometric designs, and can also be used to store toys. It’s a multi-purpose canvas storage bin but would probably work best for clothing. 

Wall Décor Sets

Grab a set of three coordinating wall canvas to create an adorable display in your baby’s room! This set has cute animals on it and has a gender-neutral phrase on one canvas. 

LED Night Lights

LED night lights come in different shapes, like stars and clouds. Find one that would go well with your nursery theme, but be aware that LED lights are bright! Place them far away from your baby’s crib for their comfort. 

Musical Mobile

Carter’s makes musical mobiles with different gender-neutral themes, including jungle animals and polar bears. These adorable plush mobiles will entertain your baby for hours!

Printed Quilt

Grab a nursery quilt in soft colours, like this yellow and grey chevron blanket. Look for one that comes in a set with other pieces of décor to tie the nursery together.

Newborn Lounger

Let your baby relax with a newborn lounger! This mini cushion is travel-friendly and has elephants on it. It’s even machine washable!

Blackout Curtains

Give your child some privacy with blackout curtains! These star curtains come in metallic colours that will add a little pop of colour to any baby’s nursery.

Wall Decals

Use removable wall decals to change up your baby’s nursery whenever you want! This starry set will cover an entire wall and looks great against a coloured wall. Wall decals come in a variety of different designs, including basic geometric patterns

When it comes to your baby, you and your family make the rules. We’re no longer bound to gender norms, so decorate your baby’s nursery how you want, not how society says you should!

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