Winter motoring | Good tyres can make all the difference

13th February 2019

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Driving in the winter can be tricky. The roads can be slick with black ice, snow or just wet conditions. Having good tyres can be the difference between driving safely or sliding on the road. So as you prepare for winter motoring ensure that your tyres are suitable for the conditions that lay ahead.

Good tyres can make all the difference

Check for Dry Rot

When there is damage to the sides of the tyres like dry rot, bulges or wires showing, it can lead to a serious accident. When these issues start happening to tyres, you need to have them replaced right away. When the tyres start to show signs of damage, it means that the tyres could have a blowout.

As soon as you notice issues with a tyre, be sure to see a tyre replacement centre and have the tyres replaced right away. Calmac Tyres has great tyres and tyre fitting services in Northampton. Visit your nearest branch today!

Check the Treads

Another thing that you should be paying attention to when it comes to your tyres is the tread. Having worn tread can make it hard for your tyres to grab the highway. With the correct tread is on a tyre, it is able to grip the road and it does not slip as easily. This is especially important during winter driving weather.

Another reason to make sure you have the correct amount of tread on your tyre is that it is the law. Your thread needs to be 1.6mm or better, and many technicians recommend having the tyres replaced when the thread reaches 3mm. The minimum amount of tread must be all the way around the tyre, if it is not, it can lead to a fine up to  £2,500 and three penalty points. If you are found to be driving on four tyres that do not meet the minimum requirement, it can lead to losing your license and a possible £10,000 fine.

Check the Tyre Pressure

Having the correct tyre pressure is important for the life of the tyre and having the tyres performing correctly. When tyres are in good shape and the tyre pressure is accurate, the car performs better. Always make sure that the tyres have the correct pressure. Over-inflation can cause tyres to burst. Under-inflation can cause the tyres to have trouble gripping the road and it can cause lower gas mileage.

To check the tyre pressure in your car, you will use a tyre gauge.  The tyre pressure is usually written on the side of the wall of the tyre. If you can not find the tyre pressure on the tyre wall, then it should be on the sticker inside the bottom of the driver’s side door. This is where you can find the PSI for tyres. If it is not in the driver’s seat door well, it should also be in the owner’s manual.

Make sure to take care of your tyres. It can help you have a much smoother and safer ride.

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