Safe Driving in Yorkshire & other areas: With the Correct Tyres

13th February 2019

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Driving safely takes diligence behind the wheel. It also means making sure that your car is properly prepared for any hazards you may see on the road.

Driving in Yorkshire

For example, in Yorkshire, drivers have to put up with some tricky road conditions. Whether you are driving around the often pothole-filled streets of Leeds or Sheffield, or negotiating some of the less-well maintained country roads in the Dales and the Moors, your tyres can really suffer.

Of course, the problems you see on the road can be found anywhere in the country. The issue with Yorkshire is that you just seem to see many more of the hazards that damage tyres. If your tyres do become damaged in any way, then it can be lethal if you end up skidding. Even if you don’t lose control as a result of poor tyres, not replacing them can lead to you having to change one for your spare on an exposed country lane – something that is not much fun, to say the least!

Thankfully, you can select your replacement car tyres in the West Yorkshire area at Ossett Tyre House’s website from here. Why put off fitting brand new high-quality tyres when they keep you safe? What are the main problems with tyres you should be looking out for?

Tyre issues

Firstly, tread depth is a big issue with tyres in Yorkshire. Driving over country tracks and city streets with debris on them wears down your rubber. If so, then you could find that an area of your tyre is balding rapidly. Even before it becomes illegal to drive, it could be unsafe if you cannot grip as well as you otherwise might.

Additionally, tyres with side-bulges in them are all too common a sight in the county. Inspect your tyres regularly for things sticking out of them, such as nails and screws. Keep an eye out for bulges in the rubber compound, too, since this is a sign of a dangerous tyre.

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