4 reasons why social media has become so toxic

15th February 2021

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In light of the social media scandals, life has just turned to be extremely tough. It is true that social media is the most demanding platform to keep oneself engaged. These are the best ways to connect ourselves with your family, friends who are living in the country and outside. The notable platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, have turned out to be an integral part of our lives living in an unimaginable ambience at times. There are numerous reasons when it comes to the toxicity of social media

It is all about money to invest now

More than ever, all social media platforms are focused on building followers, likes, and comments.  Your life is not dependent on social media likes and followers. One morning waking up with less number of followers is haunting you. As a result, you are investing money to boost your posts and grab more attention worldwide.  

Privacy breaches are normal

On a social media platform, there is no concept of privacy. Every one or the other is investing quality time on these platforms showcasing their body, private outings, and even in major cases private moments. In the wake of accepting the 10 years challenge campaign, check-in posts to the favourite pages like all are together taking away the normal privacy form ourselves. Have you ever thought about it!

toxicity of social media

Blame game through nasty tags

Many algorithms on social media platforms are based on the idea of sharing hate posts.  The profiles are getting much more exposure due to such nasty comments.  Many individuals for the sake of enjoying the limelight are purposely posting hate videos and comments which are giving them a lot of importance and attention on social media.  There are incidents of sharing personal messages and images to circulate the hate messages on social media.

Too many opinions are shared

It is true that too many opinions take away the main concept. There are so many people connected on social media, having so many opinions creates a lot of disgust. This makes one of the major reasons for social media to be extensively toxic. A simple post with an image is shared by another with a different point of view. Each individual on these platforms is trying to be the influencer – these directly or indirectly creating a lot of mess.

To conclude, social media is not everything, it is a part of your daily lifeNOT YOUR LIFE. If you are clear about your ideas to be presented on social media. Then it will save you from many unnecessary attributes. Have a clear vision and try to use social media for a useful purpose.

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