Tips for Dealing with Anxiety

31st December 2018

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Dealing with anxiety is not fun. It can cause issues in many aspects of your life. It can make it hard to enjoy yourself, make everyday decisions and be confident. You don’t have to suffer through anxiety. There are ways to deal with anxiety.

If you deal with anxiety on a regular basis, you know the way you feel can affect a lot in your life. Use these tips for dealing with anxiety to get past it and enjoy your life more.

Help with dealing with anxiety

Reduce Caffeine and Alcohol

Anything that can cause an up feeling or a down feeling can make your anxiety go into high gear. Remember that there is caffeine in many things, not just soda and coffee.  Tea and chocolate also have caffeine in it. If you take headache medicine or diet pills, there is caffeine in these medications.

Remove Stress

You don’t have to say yes to everything. Watch how much stress you are putting on yourself. Sometimes taking on too many projects can be the underlying cause of anxiety. It is ok to say no you can not do something.


Being more physically active is a great way to reduce anxiety. It is not only good for your physical health, but it is also good for your mental health. If you are feeling anxious, give yourself a boost with exercise. It is best to try for three to five workouts a week, each one at least 30 minutes. Make sure you are finding an exercise you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy it, it is likely to cause you more anxiety because you simply don’t want to do it.

Get some Sleep

It is important to get the right amount of sleep but it is important to also get good quality sleep. Doctors recommend getting eight hours of sleep each night. If it is hard to sleep because anxiety gets in the way, try to start a routine. Most parents know that a routine helps children get ready for bed and a bedtime routine can help adults too. It signals the brain that it is time to sleep.

Look for Triggers

Sometimes certain activities or certain places can cause you to become more anxious. If you find that there are certain things that cause you to become more anxious. If this is the case, be sure to make a not and write it down. Once you know what is causing some of your anxiety, you can get it into perspective. It gives you a way to prepare yourself, or if possible avoid it entirely.

Find when you have ways to cope with your anxiety, it makes it easier to get past. Things like taking a deep breath. When you take a deep breath it can send a message to your brain that everything is ok.


Sometimes you need a different way to deal with anxiety. Having someone to talk to can help you get to the root of the issues. When thinking about talking about your anxiety, sometimes it is best to talk to someone who knows how to help you. BetterHelp gives you the option to talk with a therapist but you can do it from the comfort of your home or where you are. There is no need to go somewhere to talk. This can make it more convenient to talk with a therapist, but it can also make it easier for you. You in a place you already feel safe and it can help you feel more comfortable to talk. It is also easier to fit into your schedule.

If you are dealing with anxiety, it is time to take control. You don’t have to let it affect your happiness and sap your energy. Take charge now and try these tips to deal with anxiety.

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  • Sandra Fortune 2nd March 2019 at 4:30 PM

    Anxiety is awful I have generalised anxiety disorder and I have lots of physical symptoms which are hard . It’s surprising how nasty it can be so I’m open to all the tips I can find. My gp tried several times to
    get me some therapy but there wasn’t any where I live. I use my own techniques including relaxation and keeping my mind occupied with hobbies . Though setbacks happen I have to keep going. I think the nhs needs more funding for this kind of illness as it really can ruin your life. Thanks for the tips x

  • Susan Irvine 3rd March 2019 at 9:42 AM

    Great advic

  • Rachel Craig 21st March 2019 at 12:11 AM

    Remove Stress/ors seems so obvious, sensible and practical. Though in reality it can depend on source of stress, lack of power / control, degree of power / control.

    Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Seems that if needs unmet :- Can lead to Stress. Therefore maybe we all need the means / access / potential to meet needs.

    Wants are different from needs.

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