Tips for Communicating Calmly when Someone Upsets You

13th June 2019

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We all have experienced times in life when someone upsets us. Having feelings of anger or sadness happen to the best of us when we don’t understand what another person is saying or perhaps have a difference in opinions. Just like we need to learn to communicate with others on a regular basis, we also need to know how to communicate calmly when our emotions get the better of us. Today I’m featuring the top tips for communicating calmly when someone upsets you.

Take Time to Reflect

The first step for communicating calmly when someone upsets you is to be able to quickly remove yourself from the situation. You may just say that you need a moment and walk away as a means to get a moment alone to reflect on the conversation.

Think About What Happened

Now that you’ve stepped away from the situation you can think better about what happened. Think about what this person said, how they may have meant it and why it got you so upset. This will help you figure out how to communicate with them when you return to the conversation.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Now that you’ve thought about what happened and have figured out why this situation upset you, you can try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Think about how this person may have actually meant what they said, I’m sure you’ll determine they weren’t trying to upset you.

What Solution do You Want

The next step to communicating calmly when someone upsets you is to figure out what you want the solution to be. Are you looking to educate this person as to why the conversation upset you or perhaps you just want to make sure you’re heard, figure out the solution so that you can address this.

Be Honest and Kind

Lastly, when you return to discuss this situation with the person who upset you it’s important that you be honest and kind at the same time. The person probably didn’t mean to upset you so it’s important you don’t upset them in return. Use honesty with a side of kindness to help resolve the conversation.

There you have it, tips for communicating calmly when someone upsets you. There will many situations in your life when someone says something that upsets you. It’s important that you learn how to effectively communicate when you’re upset. The best way to resolve any conflict in communication is to step back and pause before responding in an honest and kind manner.

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