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6 Ways to set goals for success

3rd January 2023

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Learn how to set goals so that the goals are both attainable and achievable. Setting attainable and achievable goals will lead to great success.

Setting goals doesn’t have to be a challenging task. Goal setting can be done quickly, efficiently, and successfully by following goal-setting guidelines.

Set goals with success in mind

6 Ways to set goals for success

Start Goals with a Verb

All good goals should describe something you can do. Verbs are action words, and therefore, when setting goals, the goal should always start with a verb. Examples of this include:

  • “Study for 30 minutes each night”
  • “Attend a yoga class once a week”
  • “Write one Christmas card each day”

Embody Personal Responsibility When Setting Goals

When setting goals, in addition to starting each goal with a verb, each goal must embody personal responsibility. Regardless of whether the goal is a personal goal, a professional goal, or an academic objective, the goal must overwhelmingly contain personal responsibility. Examples of goals that do not embody personal responsibility in goal setting include:

  • “Get an A in biology”
  • “Receive a pay raise”
  • “Get three compliments each day”

Personal Responsibility goals that rely on YOU!

These goals do not embody personal responsibility because the goal setter cannot do these things; these goals require somebody else to do something for the goal setter. Rather than focusing on rewards from others when setting goals, the goals should be the first step on the way to creating situations where these rewards are likely. Examples of goals with personal responsibility include:

  • “Turn in homework assignments on time”
  • “Arrive 15 minutes early to work two days a week”
  • “Iron my clothes each morning for a more professional appearance”
6 Ways to set goals for success

Be Specific, Be Concise When Writing Goals

Each goal should be one task and one task only. Goals can be used to meet larger objectives but each individual goal set must be one individual achievable goal. Examples of goals that are too broad include:

  • “Save £500 this month”
  • “Keep the house clean for 2 consecutive weeks”

Setting goals that are specific and concise create goals that are achievable

  • “Deposit £125 from each paycheck into a savings account”
  • “Wipe the kitchen counters off after every meal”
  • “Spray shower with cleaner after every shower”

By learning how to set goals properly, goal setting can be an easy task to help identify concrete tasks that can be completed to achieve a larger objective. Writing goals that start with a verb, embody personal responsibility, and are specific and concise will improve productivity and will result in more goals being achieved and becoming reality.

Meeting Objectives With Goals

Don’t be afraid to create a list of goals to help achieve a larger objective. Just because something is too broad to be an individual goal, does not mean that several smaller goals, done in sequence, cannot be used to achieve it.

When trying to achieve a larger objective, remember how to set goals and keep the above guidelines in mind:

  • Start with a verb
  • Embody personal responsibility
  • Be specific, be concise

Learning to write goals and set appropriate objectives is an important skill for people of all ages and skill levels. Learning how to set goals that are appropriate can help students achieve better grades, professionals earn a promotion or a pay raise, and anybody working hard to achieve their dreams.

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