Time to start planning your summer wardrobe

3rd April 2019

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The warm weather is finally here. I don’t know about you but I can not wait to update my wardrobe to reflect my love of summer weather. If you are looking forward to bringing out your summer wardrobe, consider adding a few items to bring it back to life.

I like to add several pieces a year to refresh older things and keep the clothes in style. By using a few new pieces with my older clothes, the wardrobe seems like new and it doesn’t cost a fortune getting all new clothes.

Three key summer wardrobe must-haves

Whether you are looking forward to having long afternoons in your garden or you are going away on holiday, you want to have a few essentials in your summer wardrobe. What do I recommend having in your summer wardrobe?


The summer is the perfect time to bring out the jumpsuits. A jumpsuit is perfect for warmer weather. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for an outfit that can be worn while running errands or need something that is special enough to wear out on the town. There are many times that a simple jumpsuit can be worn for multiple occasions.

It can be dressed up with a strappy pair of sandals with heels, a shawl, and jewellery or dressed down with casual sandals. A few jumpsuits should be in everyone’s wardrobe.


One of my favourite things about summer is breaking out my sandals. I have a few pairs of sandals that I love, but I can’t resist getting at least one pair of new sandals each year. There are so many cute pairs of sandals to choose from. I love strappy sandals, sandals with heels, casual sandals and everything in between. Any type of cute sandal will eventually find its way into my shoe collection.


Who says you can’t feel beautiful in a swimsuit. Many women feel uncomfortable when they are wearing a swimsuit. Whether you hate your thighs or don’t want your stomach showing, there is no reason not to love your swimsuit. I recommend wearing a swimdress. With a swimdress, you will feel more comfortable. These dresses are not only comfortable and beautiful, but you can also feel confident when wearing them.

If you are excited about the summer and the warmer temperatures, you will want to start working on your summer wardrobe. Just bring out your summer pieces will bring a smile to your face.

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