Entertain in Style: Top 5 Amazing Outdoor Decor Ideas

2nd April 2019

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The average person spends just 15 minutes outside every day. But being outside has many benefits, like lowering stress, reducing inflammation, fighting depression, improving focus, and nurturing creativity.

One of the best ways to increase your outdoor time is to create a relaxing and comfortable patio. Once you do this, you may feel more tempted to eat, read, and spend time with your family while soaking up that vitamin D.

Do you need some inspiration when it comes to decorating your patio? Then keep reading to discover our top outdoor decor ideas that are sure to turn your backyard into a relaxing oasis.

1. Focus on Comfort

When it comes time to shop for patio furniture, look for comfort above all else. If you buy low-quality furniture, you’ll end up feeling sore after only an hour or so.

Not only will this make you retreat inside faster, but you likely won’t want to go outside very often in the future. Shop at places like patiosusa.com to find durable, comfortable, and stylish outdoor furniture that you can relax on all day long.

Comfort is underfoot, as well! If you want your guests to get as comfortable as they can while lounging, it’s worth taking a look at some outdoor rug options. Aside from being easy-to-maintan, outdoor rugs can help add a little more visual flair to a dull exterior chill spot.

2. Mix Neutrals with Pops of Colour

One of the best ways to add interest and create a fun patio is to mix neutral and bright colours together. Start with neutral-coloured outdoor furniture. Then add some bright or funky-patterned cushions and throw pillows. Your outdoor space will instantly come alive and become a place you want to bring your friends to chat with.

3. Hang Fairy Lights

Who says you can only use your patio during the day? With the right lighting, your patio can also be the perfect nighttime hangout.

Get some fairy lights and hang them around the roof of your patio or pergola. This will give the area some soft, relaxing lighting that’s evenly distributed instead of relying on one harsh patio light.

4. Go Rustic with Planters

What better way to add brightness and personality to your backyard than by planting flowers? You can help your patio blend seamlessly into the rest of your yard by using planters.

While any planters will work, opting for something upcycled or rustic will help your patio look quaint without having to commit to a full-rustic theme. Old watering cans, mason jars, wooden barrels, lanterns, and even toolboxes can be used as planters. So, pick your favourite rustic planter and your favourite flower to add a little extra personality into your outdoor seating area.

5. Add Some Movement

Hammocks, bench swings, and small rope swings all help to create a quaint and unique outdoor area. The movement they offer when someone uses them or when the wind blows will make your backyard look more dynamic, and it gives you more seating options when you have guests over.

However, it can look a little overboard if you include all three. So, for the best effect, just stick to one of these options.

The Best Outdoor Decor Ideas

Don’t let your backyard go unused. Instead, follow some of these outdoor decor ideas to turn your patio into a place you’ll want to spend time in.

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