The ‘Oh No!’ Moments You Never Want To Go Through

3rd February 2019

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Every so often, you’re going to go through an ‘oh no’ moment. A moment that literally makes you say those words, and what they’re followed by is totally up to you. Because an oh no moment is most likely one that’s going to get your blood boiling because you just didn’t need the inconvenience. They usually cost you a lot of money, and they usually cost you a lot of hassle. But what if we were to tell you there are ways that you can avoid some of these things? Even though an oh no moment tends to be something you didn’t expect, you can still try and expect the unexpected!

They can occur any time in your life, and they can be related to anything in your life, but it doesn’t make them any easier to deal with. But, to try and help you avoid some of the hassles they cause, we want to give you some of the top oh no moments, how you can deal with them, and how you can avoid them altogether.

ry and expect the unexpected

Around The Home

This is the most common place for something to go wrong, and it almost is nearly always unexpected. They usually always cause you an absolute nightmare, and nearly always drain your money to the point where you might have to take out a loan.

But fear not, there are things you can do to avoid it. For example, the most common area for the home to have an issue with, is plumbing. And, we have to say that people do make it worse for themselves by doing things like putting up with blocked drains by using plungers, bleach, and anything else to keep it at bay. When realistically, you should be contacting blocked drains specialists to get the problem fixed there and then. You prevent the problems from becoming any worse, and you will generally find that the fix is going to be a lot cheaper than if you were to wait until it explodes, and floods your whole house!

At Work

Work is just an oh no moment in itself. Every morning you will probably say to yourself, ‘oh no’, because you have to get up and actually go and do something you don’t like. But at work situations can become a lot worse down to the things we do.

The top scenario is where you really lose motivation for work, and your boss rains down on you like a ton of bricks, leaving you cursing the company and your boss for weeks. It can cause arguments between the people you work with, and your boss for a long time.

Our top tip to avoid this is to avoid any job you’re just not happy in. There’s no point being in a role you don’t enjoy, and where your lack of effort definitely gets you in a few oh no moments! If you’re actually in a job that enjoy, your motivation should always be high, and you should find it so much easier to get on with the people you work with!

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