Ways to Save Money on Heating Bills

8th October 2019

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Looking for ways to save on your heating bill? Use these simple steps to keep your home warm and to save on the cost of heating your home. Don’t keep your home cold for the sake of saving more money. 

Ways to Save Money on Heating Bills

While there are many ways to save money on your heating bills, no one wants to keep their house cold in order to save money, but even just lowering the thermostat slightly can save money on heating bills. Keeping the house at 68 during the day and 55 at night can lower a heating bill by 3 per cent. It is shown that we sleep better with a cooler house and simply wearing socks or pants until bed can keep the house comfortable. Consider adding a programmable thermostat to control the temperature and save money

Seal the Chimney Flue when it is not in use 

When you are not using the chimney, do not leave the flue open. This is the same as leaning the window open. No one would ever think that it was ok to leave the window open, but with the flue being open you let a large amount of warm air out of the house and a lot of cold air in the house. 

Keep the Radiators and Vents Clear

Make sure nothing is blocking the radiator or the air vents. To get the best results from the heating system, and avoid extra wear and tear, the air needs to circulate freely. It is also a safety issue, so it is very important to make sure everything is out of the way. 

Watch the Windows

About 25% of a house’s heat loss is through the windows. There are ways to make sure to slow the heat loss and there are ways to use the windows to your advantage. 

Cover windows that have gaps and leaks. Use plastic available at home improvement store or use a heavy blanket draped to cover the windows. This prevents the heat from escaping or cold air coming in. 

On windows that get a lot of sunlight, keep the drapes open, as long as there is no draft coming from the window. The light coming in will give the room a natural heat boost from the sun’s light. 

Another good idea is to replace the weather stripping on windows and doors that have a draft coming. Another larger repair job is to have the windows replaced. While this is the best option, it is not always an option and these other ideas will work until you can replace the windows. 

Shut the Door

If you are not using a room, why heat it. If you have a guest room that isn’t being used or an office, basement or whatever, close the vents or heating to the room. Why waste the energy to heat a room that isn’t being used.

A few changes can save you money while keeping your house warm and comfortable.

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