A Few Favourite Things – The Mum From Brum

26th May 2017

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Welcome back to my A Few Favourite Things series.  This week I have Becki from The Mum From Brum sharing her favourite things…

A Few Favourite Things – The Mum From Brum

Hi, I’m Becki, and I blog over at The Mum From Brum. I’m a 30-year-old Stay at Home Mum to my 3-year-old son X, and we live with my Hubby in Northampton after moving from Birmingham last year. I blog about motherhood, anxiety, attempted weight loss and everything in between. Other than blogging, my hobbies include photography, writing and most recently, Amateur Dramatics!

A Few Favourite Things - The Mum From Brum

Favourite room in your home

I love our Kitchen Diner. It was the thing that sold the house to me. There is so much light and space – it’s not the biggest kitchen in the world, but it’s plenty for the 3 of us. But the light! No matter how grey it is outside, the kitchen is always so lovely and bright. When we bought the house back in November, the fitted kitchen was in a right state – honestly, I don’t think it would have been safe to cook in.

The house had been a rental and not had the most desirable tenants, so it’s fair to say it was rather unloved and uncared for. We managed to buy the kitchen, including appliances, for £1500 and fit it ourselves, so I’m really proud of how it turned out.

Favourite trend

I would love to say we have a minimalist home, but we don’t. I have far too much stuff for that to EVER happen. I’d love a cross between minimalist and eclectic – so white walls but handmade wooden shelves filled with all the little trinkets from adventures, or paintings that X has done at nursery. I think my issue is I’ve never managed to stick to one style – I love cottagey, I love cosy, I love bare walls and arty posters. I love kitsch neon lights and classy chandeliers. If I ever won the lottery I think I’d have to have themed rooms or something so I could have a bit of everything!

Favourite thing you own

I have an ancient iPod – from back in the day when you could still buy them with 160gb memory. I remember when my husband gave it to me I was over the moon – we couldn’t really afford it then, so it was really precious. Years have passed, and it’s still super reliable. It lives in my kitchen now, stuck in an iPod dock – since the advent of Spotify (and having a kid), it doesn’t get used outside the house.

But it’s full of cheesy pop music, Green Day, Disney and Musical Theatre soundtracks. Music makes me happy – singing makes me happy and is my best source of stress relief (provided no one else is around to hear me) so I don’t know what I’d do without it.

A Few Favourite Things - The Mum From Brum

Favourite colour

The teenage goth in me would just shout BLACK at the top of her lungs – I do love black, there’s something so intense and rich about it. But I’m also a sucker for Duck Egg Blue – just a bit different I know! It’s so fresh and summery, but there’s a warmth to it too. I have a beautiful Filofax in Duck Egg, and at our old house, there were dashes of it everywhere. I haven’t managed to sneak it into the new house yet… but that’s because it doesn’t really go too well with all the Magnolia that still coats most of the walls!

Favourite season

Autumn. Well, specifically the end of Summer into Autumn. Where it’s just getting chilly enough of an evening to warrant a jumper. Or stealing your partners’ jumper. It’s the time of year for BBQs and evening garden parties, days in the sun without getting horribly burnt. This time of year means being out in the garden so the house gets a bit neglected – but if I’m honest I’m not one for re-decorating the house for the seasons. I barely decorate for Christmas bar the tree!

Favourite about where you live

We’re still new here – we moved to Northampton from Birmingham in November and I’m still learning my way around. But while I miss my family a lot, I LOVE our new area. Yes, our house is a bit of a building site, but the street is so lovely, there are wonderful schools locally, and we’re only a 10-minute walk from a gorgeous little chocolate box village. Where we lived in Birmingham was a not so nice area, so being somewhere where I feel I can walk alone at dusk is a refreshing change.

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