A Few Favourite Things – Amy & Tots

29th September 2017

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Welcome back to my A Few Favourite Things series.  This week I have Amy from Amy & Tots showcasing her favourite things.  Please pop over to her blog to see how she manages life with three young children.

A Few Favourite Things – Amy & Tots

So, I’m Amy. I blog at Amy & Tots where I write all about the ups and downs of parenting. I have 3 young children and a lovely fiance. I’m a self-confessed coffee lover and I cannot stand cheese!!

A Few Favourite Things - Amy & Tots

Favourite room in your home

The kitchen. It’s where the food is and I like food, a lot. Whenever I go into the kitchen I have to get something to eat, usually a bit of the kids chocolate. It’s annoying because I have to go through my kitchen to get to the bathroom so I’m forever picking.

Favourite trend

I don’t really have a favourite trend. I tend to just mix and match everything while hoping for the best. Although I am quite liking all the ruffles on clothes right now.

Favourite thing you own

Favourite colour

I love the colour yellow, but probably more pastel yellow than bright yellow. It’s just an uplifting colour. It reminds me of Spring and Summer. I don’t have anything yellow in any of my rooms, yet. But I am hoping to decorate Joshua’s room with greys, whites, and yellows.

Favourite season

Autumn is probably my favourite season, I love the deep reds and the falling leaves. Plus I love being able to bring out the chunky cardigans and oversized jumpers, but it isn’t too cold like Winter so you’re not walking around shivering.

Favourite about where you live

Although Birmingham isn’t the greatest place to live, I love where I live because my family are so close. They are literally a 5-minute drive away so there is always someone there if I need them. Plus everything is so close, there are so many different supermarkets and food outlets within a short driving distance. Everything is on my doorstep.

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