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19th May 2017

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Welcome back to my A Few Favourite Things series.  This week I have the honour of hosting Debbie from An Organised Mess.  She is one of my oldest blogging friends after we worked on the same campaign (many moons ago) – we clicked and have been firm friends ever since.

A Few Favourite Things – An Organised Mess

My name’s Debbie, and I’m mum to an eight-year-old daughter and six-year-old twin sons. We live on the coast in South Wales and we’re fortunate to have the best beaches on our doorstep.  I blog at An Organised Mess about our family life. My job means I’m away a lot, and I’m a part-time student which means blogging is my hobby, my sane.

A Few Favourite Things - An Organised Mess

Favourite room in your home

Now it’s my office because I’ve just finished giving it a makeover. It now feels really relaxing- and an escape. For the first time in forever I’ve focused on soft furnishings – when the children were little, there really wasn’t any point as little hands and feet get everywhere. Now, they love to come in after school and do their reading and own learning, so it just feels like a corner of the home which gives a pace to allow quiet focus.

I’m hoping by the end of the year we’ll have a favourite space will be our kitchen-diner, which is a bit of a hotchpotch as it used to be a bit of playroom/ diner/ kitchen but with smaller toys resigned to bedrooms I think it’s the year to put our stamp on the room.

A Few Favourite Things - An Organised Mess

Favourite trend

If you had asked me before decorating the office I would have said scandi. I love to feel like the home is as fresh as it can be. Since updating the office I’ve realised it’s about making each room work. A cosy lounge, a relaxing office, and no doubt a scandi style kitchen.

As a mum, I’ve changed my preference when decorating. It really is more about ‘made to last’ and minimalistic. Having three children close in age meant our home just felt overwhelmed by toys. Now it feels like we’re coming out the other side, maybe we can start incorporating more delicate touches. Maybe…

Favourite thing you own

Oh wow, I’m not sure. I don’t like to have ‘things’ but I do have photos and my blog which are precious to me.

I do have a piece of jewellery that Sarah from Boo, Roo and Tigger Too sent – I’m sure I’m meant to have returned it by now…. I wear it every day, and it grounds me. I don’t think I could be without it, although I’m wearing it on borrowed time.  It’s a necklace which is engraved with ‘Love what you do’. And it means a lot more than a here and now, it reminds me of the choices I’ve made, as well as the choices I continue to make.

Favourite colour

If anyone asks, my favourite colour is blue – any shade, it’s just a preference.

Around the home, I love pinks and greys in the rooms we relax in. And it’s the colour scheme in the office, with the walls grey and the furnishings a dusky pink.

For the kitchen, I’ve decided to go with white as the dominant colour, with splashes of orange. I never thought I’d decorate any room of the house with orange, but it’s going to be a family space. And I just like the element of fun.

Favourite season

It used to be Autumn, I love the changing of seasons and growing up I loved autumnal colours. But now autumn doesn’t seem as defined, and I admit my alliance has changed to Spring. I love the realisation that we can start spending proper time on the beach again, I love the blue of the skies, the lighter mornings. And, probably because of our wedding day, I love filling the home with white tulips.

We don’t tend to change the home between seasons, but you’ll find all the windows open as soon as the weather turns. The doors into the garden will stay open, and the garden will become an extension of our living space.

Favourite about where you live

If it’s not already clear, it’s living on the coast. Waking up each day to look out onto the sea is something I never knew would mean so much to me.

We moved back to South Wales to be close to family so that remains a huge bonus, as well as being able to spend more time with friends. But in moving we gave up our view overlooking the Pennines, which was a difficult decision. But, it feels like we traded one view for another, one outdoor lifestyle for one with as many highlights.

Working away so much in cities means I truly appreciate what I get to come home to.

A Few Favourite Things - An Organised Mess

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