Things to do when you can’t sleep

24th March 2023

These sleep tips are meant to provide a few ideas for those people that may have trouble sleeping every now and then. If you are suffering from persistent symptoms of insomnia, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, or chronic sleep deprivation, seek medical advice.

Bad Habits and How to Break Them

17th March 2023

Everyone has bad habits. Some are pretty benign, like picking your nose, but others are a lot more serious. This post takes a look at some of the worst habits around and how to break them.

Important Exercise Mistakes to Avoid

9th March 2023

Exercising is an important part of staying fit and healthy, with many people adding it into their day from busy mums and dads to corporate business owners. However, there are several important exercise mistakes that you should avoid if you want to be healthy, injury-free and your best self for your family.

10 Healthy Foods to Eat Every Day

17th January 2023

Packing your diet with loads of nourishing, natural and healthy foods is a far better, and much tastier way to eat for good health than chewing on a diet bar or having a shake instead of lunch.

5 Easy Top Tips to Reduce Christmas Bloating!

13th December 2022

We all like to indulge in our favorite festive foods, but if your digestive system ends up feeling bloated, windy and uncomfortable, there are a few tricks that can help you enjoy the Christmas treats without feeling bloated and uncomfortable.

Loop Earplugs | Hearing protection for noise reduction

13th August 2022

Loop Earplugs are here to help you out in all those chaotic situations. With Loop Quiet and Loop Experience, you can listen to the world around you whenever and however you want to! Loop intends to provide you with the ultimate comfort in every situation of your life.

The Menopause: The What, When and Why

14th June 2022

The Menopause is a time in a woman’s life where their bodies begin to change. You may find that those particular times of the month are no longer gracing themselves with their presence. You may be surprised that menopause can start as early as at the age of forty, but you will certainly have begun to experience some of the symptoms by the time you reach fifty-eight.

How To Rebuild A Winning Smile

1st April 2022

A winning smile is one of the greatest assets you’ll ever possess. Now is the time to restore yours in style. Most people have a long list of things that they’d like to change about their appearance and physical health. While many of those issues can afford to wait, some require immediate attention.