Drinking too much alcohol? How to cut back

Drinking too much alcohol? How to cut back

19th February 2024

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Drinking a glass of wine or an alcoholic beverage of some description is a very social thing to do. We are surrounded by bars and restaurants. Even drinking at home is seen as normal. But when is social drinking becoming too much? Do you think you drink too much alcohol? 

A social glass of wine is fine, but what happens when that glass becomes two, or three or a bottle? Is it still classed as social drinking then? Or could there be an underlying problem? I thought I would explore this notion. Perhaps it might make you aware of your own habits. There is nothing wrong with enjoying alcohol. This post is nothing to do with telling you what is right or wrong, but it may make you think a bit more about your choices. 

Is there a reason why you drink?

When you turn to a glass of wine or something else, does it coincide with something? Perhaps you do it when you get in from a busy day at work. Or it might be a way of you relaxing in an evening with your loved ones or friends. Sometimes when we are aware that we are drinking too much, there is a reason why we are turning to that glass of wine. Do we think it makes us happy? Or do we drink to maybe forget something?

If you think that your social drinking is becoming out of hand then perhaps thinking about why you do it will shed some light on the situation. There may be something going on subconsciously you are not aware of. 

Drinking too much alcohol? How to cut back

How often do you do it?

Social drinking can happen any night of the week these days. Some of us use the evening to socialise with friends after the working day while others use drinking as part of work meetings. It can become a way of life. But do you do it every day? Or are you one of those people that wait for Friday night? While it may be under control now drinking every day isn’t potentially good for your health. So it might be worth considering cutting down.

Do you question yourself as to whether you have a problem?

Often it’s at the point that you question yourself that you realise you need help. If you find that you are drinking to forget, or binge drinking, then it may be time to seek some help. There are so many things you can do to help yourself. Just by researching on the internet for one. But if you feel like an intervention is needed then perhaps look online for options you could consider. You may not need it, but if you are asking yourself whether you do, it might be worth exploring. 

Drinking too much alcohol? How to cut back

Sometimes you need to give yourself a break

We are all adults at the end of the day. Capable of making our own choices in life. If we enjoy drinking then why shouldn’t we? Drinking with our friends and family can be great. It’s just worth remembering when too much becomes too much for you. Alcohol can have a really bad effect on our health when drunk excessively, and nothing is more important than our health and happiness. 

How to cut back on alcohol?

Often drinking too much alcohol can develop over time. You may not have a dependence on it in terms of drinking all day and night, but if you do feel that you are drinking too much then there are things that you can do to help you cut back. For starters, avoid places and people that you feel are a bad influence. This is especially important when you first cut back on drinking. You can then build up to be in those places again. Of course, heading out and being social is important, but not doing it as often will help you to cut back. 

If you drink too much at home then a great tip is to avoid having any alcohol in the home. Many people who have a little dependence and enjoy drinking alcohol will do so if it is in the house more than they would if it wasn’t. You are less likely to make a trip to get some, so you can easily cut back. 

Drinking too much alcohol? How to cut back

Finally, figure out what triggers you to drink. Some people do it to block things out or fit in. Others might drink because they see it as a way to relax. You can replace these feelings with other things that can help compensate for how you are feeling. A change in lifestyle could be a great journey to embark on. 

Do you enjoy drinking socially? What would you say is too much?

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