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  • How to prepare your home and garden for winter

    A new season has arrived and so has the opportunity to start thinking about small changes inside and outside to prepare your home this winter.

    Beating those winter blues is all about surrounding yourself with as much warmth and light as possible. Bosch Home and Garden offer hints and tips that not only ensure that your home feels warm and welcoming but also help prevent the cold from taking its toll on your property and heating bills.

    Interiors, Outdoors
    / 14th November 2017
  • How to make your winter garden as vibrant as the summer

    Gardeners often fall into the trap of simply waiting for spring to tend to their garden and wait out the winter with a baron set of flower patches. However, there are so many flowers that can provide a great colour and look to a winter garden. Greenery with splashes of pinks, blues and reds even through the coldest part of the year can give a great contrast with the frosty look of the rest of your land.

    / 7th November 2017
  • Perfect Winter garden tips

    The climate might be turning dark yet that doesn’t connote your garden also needs to.

    With a touch of proper planning and concern, you can guarantee your garden continues developing throughout the entire season. You might not want to lock away your gloves yet. Pursue these convenient tips and observe your garden thrive in the cold season gloom.

    / 24th October 2017
  • The best plants to give your winter garden a splash of colour

    Most people give up on their garden come October time as the leaves fall off the trees and most of the plants that they have tended over the past 6 months begin to wither. However, they don’t consider the potential of their winter flower patches. Many plants can give your garden a great look in the winter months, keeping the green look alive, and setting your garden up for huge spring flowering as the heat begins to come back.

    / 13th October 2017
  • Your Ultimate Guide For Seasonal Gardening

    Whether you have a huge garden or simply a small outdoor plot, knowing which tasks should be carried out during each season of the year is important to getting the most out of your space. From cleaning your garden benches to taking plant cuttings, here is your ultimate guide to seasonal gardening.

    / 21st September 2017
  • Simple Tips to prepare your garden for summer

    Looking to enjoy the wonderful benefits of gardening this summer? Have no fear it is easier than you might think. Gardening has so many benefits. One of these is that it enhances your home. Additionally, it is very beneficial for the environment. We cannot forget the added great tasting food it will produce. It is also a simple form of exercise. If you have a desire to create your own summer garden or just want to make sure your existing garden is ready for the summer then follow these tips.

    / 18th July 2017