How to use pallets to create a garden fence

9th January 2020

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Many people like a fence around their gardens. It gives you privacy, prevents animals from running through it and if you are growing vegetables, fruits or plants helps to prevent damage to them. However, oftentimes, people baulk at getting a fence because it is extremely expensive. Using this DIY fence idea for your garden, you can have a beautiful fence at a fraction of the cost. 

DIY Fencing Ideas for Your Garden

Fences are great for adding a nice look to your garden and to give you privacy or protect the yard, however, the price points for most fences are out of budget. You can easily create DIY fencing ideas for your garden, that will fit what you need and have a low price point. 

Pallet Fencing

You can use pallets give you so many options when it comes to DIY fencing and also, usually, you can pallets for free or extremely cheap. I have seen pallets offered for free on various sites as well as pallets that are offered in bulk for a few pounds a stack. This makes it extremely budget-friendly. 

How to Use Pallets for Fencing

You can use pallets as is. Secure them to the ground and to each other and it makes a simple pallet fence design. You can also cut the pallets down so that you have 2 pieces that give you more bang for your buck when you are looking for a way to create a truly inexpensive pallet fence. 

How to use pallets to create a garden fence

Pallet planter

If you decide to keep the pallets together you can use the inside of the pallets as a planter. This gives your fence a dual purpose. It is also a way to dress up the pallets. You can grow vegetables, plants or flowers. I have also seen trailing roses planted in these spaces that trail around the pallets creating a living fence feature. 

Create a picket fence look

Another idea is to break the pallets apart to give yourself wood to create your fence. You can use this technique to create a picket fence look. Take each plank of the pallet and create the arrow style top that is associated with picket fences. Use some of the pallet pieces to create the posts and the cross pieces that hold the fence together. 

Add colour

You don’t have to leave the pallets the basic colour they come. Paint them any colour you like or stain them to create a rich brown colour. I have seen pallet fences that were multi colours. It makes a nice visual statement.

With a little elbow grease and creativity, you can use pallets to make a gorgeous DIY Fence for your garden.

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