Spring maintenance and repairs for your garden

16th March 2020

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Winter can be harsh, and it can result in spring maintenance and repairs needed in numerous parts of your home and garden. Always be on the lookout for a problem that might require a manual repair or replacement.

The most common is the driveway, where cracks and gaps can pop up incessantly. Pull any weeds that may be growing and remove dirt in the cracks and patch it up with concrete and/or asphalt.

Spring maintenance and repairs you need to consider in your garden

Spring maintenance and repairs for your garden - gutters

Checking your gutters and roof

With Spring being the season of rain, uncluttered gutters are important for proper rainwater drainage. Leaves can easily be scooped out with a shovel or bucket. If possible, run a hose through the gutter to move all the debris down the drainpipe and out the other end. Getting a new drainpipe might be a good idea, as is checking for leaks at gutter joints.

On the roof, it’s a good idea to check for loose or torn shingles, especially if you’re experiencing leaks inside the house. Checking around the chimney for debris build-up or cracks is good; cracks can be sealed with the use of roofing cement. If the damage is serious, calling a roofing expert/repairman is the way to go.

Maintaining decking and fences

Spring is the perfect time to stain a deck, but before you do that, check for loose boards and mice. Mice are commonly found under deck boards. Placing down a few traps or even using your dog to sniff them out should be done before doing anything else. After the winter months, cleaning might be necessary. This can be done with a pressure washer and the appropriate deck-washing solution.

The same can occur for fences. Once cleaned, staining will add that added touch of beauty to your yard. This can be a time-consuming process, but it will add both attraction and protection to a vulnerable and otherwise-dull deck or fence. Stain and tarnish can easily be picked up in a variety of colours at your local tool store.

Washing windows and putting in screens

Nothing gets dirtier in winter than windows. Begin inside and wash the outside on a cool, shady day. Getting rid of dirt, grime, and residue can be done with a professional window cleaning solution, while a solution of oil and vinegar can also do the trick. Water alone, however, may not bring enough power to the job. Once the windows are clean, tackle the screens. Most homeowners enjoy putting screens in their windows and doors during the summer months. These can be cleaned with a quick spray of the hose. Screens already in the windows can be removed and cleaned as well.

Check for holes or tears in the screen. Small splits can be fixed by flattening the material and applying a heavy coat of nail polish. Bigger rips may be the cause for a screen replacement. The best time to install screens and wash windows is May when the tedious Spring rain has stopped and the warmth is sure to stick around.

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