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  • When to Prune your Bushes and Trees

    When it comes to pruning your plants, trees and shrubs it is important to know when to prune them. Pruning them at the right time leads to having beautiful, healthy plants that are productive. Since different plants need to be pruned at certain times, it is important to know when is the best time.

    / 14th January 2020
  • How to use pallets to create a garden fence

    Using pallets give you so many options when it comes to DIY fencing and also, usually, you can pallets for free or extremely cheap. I have seen pallets offered for free on various sites as well as pallets that are offered in bulk for a few pounds a stack. This makes it extremely budget-friendly.

    / 9th January 2020
  • DIY Home Maintenance for Fall

    As the weather starts to change and the fall weather comes in, it is a great time to tackle home repair projects. It is best to get these things done before the days start to get shorter and the cold weather and storms make it impossible to get anything done outside. Here are a few things to consider doing for DIY home maintenance for autumn.

    / 3rd October 2019
  • Protecting your garden from a harsh winter

    Summer is in full throw, but as fall approaches it is a good time to think about protecting your plants for next year’s beauty. As you weed your beds and prune your shrubs you may want to consider saving some of the waste and running it through a mulcher and keeping it handy for winter bed protection.

    / 26th August 2019
  • Creating a Dog Friendly Garden

    For some dog owners, the battle between their plants and their pets ends in the decimation of the garden they worked so hard to create. Newly planted shrubs are overturned and expectant fruit trees pillaged. Even worse is when a much-loved pet is harmed by eating a poisonous plant that seems innocuous but turns out to be lethal to canines.

    / 6th August 2019
  • Ways You Garden Can Improve The Quality Of Your Life

    Have you ever asked yourself this question “what role is having a garden in improving the quality of my life?” Do you think having a garden is a mere waste of time?

    Then you will really want to reconsider your stand after reading this article…

    / 26th July 2019