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  • Make Your Garden as Amazing as Possible

    You’d be surprised by how many people overlook getting their garden right and focus on other areas of the property. This is something you need to make sure you change, and it is important to make sure you take steps to make your garden look as amazing as possible.

    / 7th February 2019
  • Why you still need your gardener in winter

    A gardener? In winter? I must have lost the plot, right? Plot, gardening, pun totally not intended but let’s roll with it.

    Of course, as soon as we see the first rusty orange leave of autumn, we’re quick to ditch the gardening and pack up tools for winter. To the back of the shed those sheers go, never to be seen again until next spring.

    / 19th November 2018
  • 8 Steps To Starting Your Own Garden

    Starting up a garden may seem tedious and cumbersome. But with the right knowledge, it can be easier than you think and of great fun too.

    Follow these eight steps and you will be having your dream garden…

    / 9th October 2018
  • Preparing your garden for autumn

    No matter the current condition or size of your garden, or whether or not you’re a keen gardener, the change in season will soon be here along with all of its leaves. There are endless opportunities to clean, refresh, protect and prepare your garden for autumn, which is of particular importance this year after the unusually hot summer weather the UK has experienced recently. 

    / 18th September 2018
  • Making your patio furniture last

    It does not matter whether you have recently purchased your patio furniture or it has been around for a year or so. You want your furniture to look great for a long time. It is necessary to regularly clean your patio furniture to extend its life.

    / 4th September 2018
  • 6 Ways To Create A Pet-Friendly Garden

    When you bring a pet home, whether it be a cat or a dog, you need to get used to the fact that your house isn’t really yours anymore. Your beautiful sofa will become a scratching post, your favourite shoes will become chew toys, every surface becomes somewhere to roll around, sit, and sleep, and your garden tends to see some damage too. Thankfully, just like there are ideas for pet-friendly decor, you can create a pet-friendly garden. Here are six things you can do…

    / 21st August 2018